Savage Chickens - Free Monday

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19 Responses to Free Monday

  1. Storm says:

    Monday will be over in a couple of hours here… wish you’d posted your cartoon a couple of hours earlier :). But my boss wasn’t in office today so it wasn’t really a bad day.

    You make nice cartoons.

  2. Her Holiness says:

    wish so much that worked…

  3. SeeTheWorld says:

    The good ones always expire before you get them! Dang!

  4. Sam says:

    I printed it out and showed it to the Boss.

    Then I realised that I work for myself and refused to let me have the day off šŸ™

  5. ziqach says:

    tjis sucks i don’t have a job so i can’t use this but i may use it later.

  6. Andy says:

    These cartoons are hilarious! I love how even the simplest designs and ideas can be so effective…Good stuff!

  7. The Quito Film Collective says:

    note the fine print: this coupon expired yesterday – a sunday!

  8. The Muse says:

    I expired the same day as the cartoon. But I got a Monday anyway. Oh God….

  9. Bill P says:

    I agree with Andy—Good stuff. Very concise, to the point and definitely minimalist with a certain Zen flavor.
    Keep up the good work

  10. Connor says:

    Damn! It’s expired! I needed this Monday off too. Why, you ask? Well, i need some sleepy-time..

  11. Fucko says:

    i wish i had that coupon (but for school). Good work bro

  12. dogu says:

    Funny stuff. You are my new favorite cartoonist.

  13. Mommmeeeee! says:

    Okaaay, maybe we can disrupt the space-time continuum just this once…

    …but you’ll have to clean your room!

  14. Night Time Neece says:

    I tried to use the coupon at our office but someone beat me to it. (we have a one coupon limit in our office) DANG!!

  15. Twyla says:

    All the good ones are expired. ><

  16. Anonymous says:

    freaking hilarious!!!! a book would be great!

  17. Axxle says:

    think outside the box! all we have to do is build a time machine, go back in time before the coupon expires, and then give the coupon to our past selves so that they can have the day off! who cares about paradoxes

  18. vic says:

    if u had scipped a day of work to make a time machine on the mondey you would have got off go back in time and get the cupone you would have wasted a monday =/

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