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7 Responses to Visualize

  1. hash says:

    Sometimes when people say that, they do sound like they are from outer space; don’t they? And you do feel like hammering them, don’t ya?

  2. Fabry says:


  3. Stacy says:

    Now that’s a healthy response to workplace badgering.

    I need a support group.

  4. gimlet says:


  5. OhGoodGod says:

    Hey Doug, I absolutely love the chickens. My mom has a collection of chickens in her kitchen and I just showed her a few of your cartoons and she loved them instantly. She asked if any of the recent posts were related to the post office (since she works there) and the only one that came close the was “Free Monday.” Could you consider making one with the chickens and the post office? I’d be very grateful. Plus I’m sure after viewing it, post office employees will log on to view your chickens. 😉 THANK YOU.

  6. Stemo Papa says:

    chicken flu goes popular here in Denmark 🙂

    I am hoping for some cheering stuff


  7. JonnieDisaster says:

    Chickens are the greatest animal on the face of this earth! And your chickens are the greatest chickens there are!

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