Savage Chickens - Job Hunt

For more leeches, see Suckers.

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5 Responses to Job Hunt

  1. Hawke says:

    When I graduate from college in May, I think I might feel like blood letting would’ve been a better degree choice.

    Great as always!

  2. The Tipsy Captain says:

    Yeaarh.. yha ha haarh!

    I like that joke. Nice one mate. Why don’t we meet at me’ den, and I’ll give a drink for another one of those jokes.

    Ay! And many greating from the Tipsy Captain

  3. Uday says:

    You Should Be Syndicated Man!!! Your quite good.

  4. Doug Savage says:

    Thanks Uday!

    And hey everybody – if you want to see Savage Chickens in your local newspaper, send them an email to let them know!

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