Savage Chickens - Hard Work

For more chicken work, see Work Hard and Love Your Work.

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5 Responses to Hard Work

  1. bubba says:

    workin hard or hardly workin….Its all I could think of hahahaha

  2. Bike says:

    so true! gotta bunch of those peeps in my office.

  3. Allen says:

    Those chickens and their work ethic! No wonder the ecomony’s in trouble! It’s because of chickens like that!
    Gotta’ go! Here comes the boss!

  4. Alayne says:

    You’re awesome.. very funny!

  5. Snowdrops says:

    Is it too bad to admit that this presents a sense of deja vu for me?? I used to have a desk where my ‘puter faces out to the entrance so everybody who pass in and out of the office could see what I was up to… and it’s soooo friggin’ tiring to NOT be able to even sneak 1 peak at personal emails the whole day… I tell you, my productivity probably went down as a result of low morale.

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