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Here are some more worms: Alas, Poor Yorick!, Fun With Reproduction, and Early Bird.

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5 Responses to Hands On

  1. lauren says:


  2. WhizGidget says:

    It may be harsh, but it is true. After all, the chicken eats the worm (normally, except when one of Doug’s chickens thinks that they’re disgusting), and eventually the chicken will die and become worm food.

    It’s a circle of life thing, Doug just chose to show us the cycnicism of it all. Maybe. I’m just assuming.

  3. The Muse says:

    I’m with the worm.

  4. pigtail says:

    Why doesn’t the worm simply wrap himself around the chicken’s neck and choke it? Why does everyone have to complicate things?

  5. The Machinist says:

    Ok hows this one… The chicken eats the worm. The chicken dies and gets eaten by the worms relatives. The relatives manage to die w/o being eaten by another chicken. They decompose makeing very rich soil, and sprouts a successful blueberry bush. Which happens to be a delicassy if you are a chicken. I guess no matter what you are a carnivore huh?

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