I'll Never Join You

I think Vader and Luke, despite their differences, make an excellent comedy duo.

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7 Responses to I’ll Never Join You

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Asking before torturing his friends probably would have helped too.

  2. Rusty says:

    Vader fathered such a whiner. Daddy-o there lost parts of 3 limbs and did you ever hear him cry about it? (Well, other than that one time)

  3. Jeremy says:

    Blood, after being seared by a light saber?!

  4. Jesper says:

    Now you tell me!

  5. Wildbird says:

    Darth Vader is guilty of Child abuse Luke(Cut off his hand)Leah (Tourtured)make him pay child support

  6. willwot says:

    “Yeah, and may the farce be with you Lukewarm.”

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