I Am Your Father

A special gigantic comic for Father’s Day!

Here’s more quality parenting for the occasion.

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11 Responses to I Am Your Father

  1. mariusg says:

    :)) you’re awesome Doug

  2. Wildbird says:

    Hand Solo

  3. Peter says:

    The Thing origins šŸ˜‰

    (The Thing from The Addams family…)

  4. Jackson says:

    No card for you!

  5. Bruno says:

    You are amazing Doug!

  6. […] I think Vader and Luke, despite their differences, make an excellent comedy duo. […]

  7. […] Wars than any other movie – including a couple of my most popular comics ever: Chewbacca and I Am Your Father. Hope everybody enjoys the new movie today! (I’m going to see it on Monday, so no spoilers, […]

  8. Zoe says:

    I love this comic! You are a Star Wars master and a great chicken master too!????????????

  9. […] cover, I immediately thought of Darth Vader feeling down in the dumps, which reminded me of this comic, naturally. This cover is a bit of a deleted-scene outtake from that comic, but with more detail […]

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