Han and Chewie

Woohoo! The Force Awakens comes out today! I’ve been a Star Wars fan ever since I saw the first movie at a drive-in when I was six years old. It definitely made an impression… I’ve drawn more comics about Star Wars than any other movie – including a couple of my most popular comics ever: Chewbacca and I Am Your Father. Hope everybody enjoys the new movie today! (I’m going to see it on Monday, so no spoilers, okay?!)

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12 Responses to Han and Chewie

  1. Ant says:

    Doug, I’m your father.

  2. gidolf says:

    Dumbledore dies.

  3. Michael MacISAAC says:

    Saw The Force Awakens last night with my youngest. He is 21 and I’m 55. We both loved it. Really cool in 3D.

  4. Howard says:

    Since everyone expects Han to die sometime in this new trilogy, here’s how it needs to happen: There’s a bomb about to go off, and he can’t stop it or get away. Suddenly he notices a lead-lined refrigerator. He throws all the contents out on the floor and climbs in himself. It doesn’t do any good.

  5. Matt Dupuis says:

    I saw A New Hope at a drive in when I was six as well.

  6. BlindOracle says:

    I miss drive-ins. There are none around here anymore.

  7. LOL says:

    spoiler: Jar Jar Binks is totally the bad guy (hes Kylo Ren’s father also)

  8. I boggles my mind how Millenials can claim to have a “nostalgic feeling” about a movie that was on the big screens 22 years before they even existed.

    That would be like me claiming to have a nostalgic feeling about The Longest Day, or The Maltese Falcon. It’s ridiculous.

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