Dammit Jim

Another early birthday dedication, this time for Brandy C., who is celebrating a birthday this weekend. Hope you have a great birthday, Brandy! 🙂

Here’s more Trekkin’.

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8 Responses to Dammit Jim

  1. Aidan Sullivan says:

    It’s my birthday today! I’m 18!

  2. Mr. B says:

    Dammit, Jim, I’m an Engineer, not a wallpaper salesman!

  3. Wildbird says:

    Looks like Bones finaly lost it all

  4. Jackson says:

    Oh, man; that’s great!

  5. Rena says:

    Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a chicken!

  6. Nebulous says:

    Yes, poor friend. I hear he’s fruity as a nutcake.

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