Savage Chickens - A Long Flight

Only a few more weeks until the release of Snakes On A Plane!

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12 Responses to A Long Flight

  1. buttercupboxer says:

    he he he. Brilliant!

  2. Just D says:

    Oh Lord that made me laugh at loud. That is a scream I tell ya.


  3. Tim says:

    Very funny stuff! If you take requests I’d like to see one titled “Snapes On A Plane” with a plane filled with a bunch of Snapes. Nice rendering of Snape, by the way. Have you ever thought about about starting a Savage Snapes comic?

  4. imaclanni says:

    best. savage chickens. yet.

  5. Lizzy says:

    I second lanni.

  6. Doug Savage says:

    hey thanks everybody! I was pretty happy with how Snape turned out. Looks kinda Rickman-ish, especially around the nose.

  7. Tera says:

    My friend sent me a link to this, I’ve been reading SC every day from then. Yay!

  8. Tyler says:

    So here I am, over 2 years after the posting of this comic.

    It’s my favorite. Still. I remember the day you posted it, and it made me laugh. I’ve shown my friends this one and came back to laugh several times over 2 years.

    This one is the best one.

    Although the Biblical Sandwich one is good too.

  9. Factopo says:

    whoa, a harry potter joke!

  10. Jay says:

    What made me laugh most was your comment below, reminding me how much we were duped by the SoaP marketing campaign.

  11. jake says:

    You need to have more cartoons wit Snape.. <3

  12. joanna says:

    Great! I like the way snape is put into a situation like this and also in conjunction with ‘snakes on a plane’

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