Savage Chickens - Time After Time

Time travel is confusing. Here’s more.

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6 Responses to Time After Time

  1. Edward says:

    that sounds familiar, is it a Stargate or StarTrek episode? No wait, you need the chicken from the ‘evil’ universe, saying they are both wrong. BTW, does anyone know if there is sales tax in the ‘evil’ universe?

  2. Susan Hogarth says:

    Of course there’s sales tax in the ‘evil’ universe. Why do you think it’s called the ‘evil’ universe?

    Of course it’s a ‘voluntary’ sales tax. That’s what makes it really really evil…

  3. Anonymous says:

    this (time travel) adds a whole new dimension to inner conflict

  4. Diego says:

    excellent. you keep me from being productive. damn you.

  5. Snowdrops says:

    that sounds like a plot line from the best-selling novel “The Time Traveller’s Wife”…

    …btw I regained my blogger id, hooray!

  6. Marscaleb says:

    This is funny!
    Also it reminds me of a routine from Mystery Science Theater where Crow went back in time to stop Mike from ever getting launched into space. Then later Crow went back in time to stop himself from stopping Mike. He just shows up, and Crow sees himself and is like “Oh, we screwed things up big-time, didn’t we?”

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