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More haiku.

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13 Responses to Grocery Store

  1. Haikewwwwww says:

    Yes, one might expect that a chicken who BUYS eggs might be a chicken who makes haiku shopping lists

  2. Much Gooder says:

    beer, pretzels, red meat.
    frozen pizza, cheetos, beer.
    Haiku shopping works.

  3. doninstatesville says:

    Bravo, Much Gooder!!

  4. Jim Pemberton says:

    In keeping with classic haiku, it would have been appropriately punny to have included a season (like oregano) in the list. Or perhaps an entire list poultry seasonings.

    Or… were they not already domesticated, it could be chicken season (hunting).

  5. aly says:

    If life were haiku
    The world would be much simpler
    We applaud you, Doug

  6. Anonymous says:

    Doug, are you just too smart for newspapers to syndicate you? Are they afraid the average “Graffiti” reader couldn’t appreciate your humor?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice one 🙂 If you like haiku comics, try … (not my site or anything, just related content that’s occationally funny)

  8. Doug Savage says:

    Thanks Anonymous!
    If you think the chickens should
    Be in print, tell them! 🙂

  9. thayerpg says:

    For all the readers
    Who post haiku responses
    that is just plain weird!

  10. The Babe says:

    But who can resist?
    Answering in kind simply
    Shows our obsession.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i prefer to listen to my haiku via monk-e-mail, although i cannot really explain why…

  12. fran watson says:

    a little chicken
    shopping shocked smacks a bit of
    sick cannibalism

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand what a Haiku is.. It just seems like sentance fragments to me.

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