Savage Chickens - Santa Claus

More Christmas cartoons!

And you can vote for Savage Chickens for Best Comic Strip at the 2006 Weblog Awards! You can vote once every day until Dec. 15.

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8 Responses to Santa Claus

  1. Darth Toonist says:

    Likewise, cartoons which appear to be jolly on the surface may also be a cry for help.

    I ask you, why do we see happy bears expressing their unspeakable rage?

    Why do we see self-mutilating cactus huggers who are called freaks by the very objects of their affection?

    Join me, Doug… come (further into) the Dark Side, and together we will make people laugh and cry at the same time, because they understand the inner conflict of which we draw

  2. Doug Savage says:

    I’ll never join you!!!

  3. M-L says:

    Maybe Doug needs a houg.

    !ech, sorry, the holiday spirit took over for a second there…down! down!

  4. Just D says:

    Is darth toonist your father?

  5. Seraphim says:

    *Munches on popcorn* This is getting interesting!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I suspect Darth Toonist is Doug’s Uncle’s Brother’s Cousin’s Sister’s Roommate from college.

  7. Alayne says:

    Oh Doug… that’s perfect!

  8. broncoface13 says:

    feel the force Doug, do not succumb to the dark-side…(and congrats on the nomination, you deserve it!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!..Merry Christmas!!!)

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