Savage Chickens - Zombies!

More chicken zombies!

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8 Responses to Zombies!

  1. Ada says:

    Maybe they wouldn’t if the mind didn’t wear such a low-cut shirt!

  2. Chris Massey says:

    halloween was a month ago!
    this month we want cartoons about Rudolph the red-beaked reinChicken

  3. Jessica says:

    ok, now I’ve got to share this with everyone:

    Zombie chickens taking over California?

  4. Kay says:

    zombie chickens in california? life just gets weirder every day

  5. Jim Pemberton says:

    I’m not quite up to speed on voodoo, but isn’t a chicken killed in the ritual to make zombies?

  6. Oglethorpe Boobybrains says:

    Don’t brains have twin lobes?

    Don’t other manifestations of
    twin lobes get ogled all the time?

    Maybe all the chicken zombies in california are the reason why “It never brains in Southern California…”

  7. Erbu says:

    The random button doesn’t work!

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