Savage Chickens - Management Training

If you’re ready, proceed to Lesson 2.

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11 Responses to Management Training

  1. Pepperoni Whipped says:

    lesson #2:
    In countries where all forms of torture are allowed, you can skip the pizza and go directly to the torture

  2. Bun there Dung that says:

    lesson #3:
    if the most irate employee’s kid works at the pizza place, watch to see which piece of pizza he meticulously avoids. Then you avoid it too.

  3. Dragos Ionita says:

    Works for me 🙂

  4. Chris Toxic says:

    I only endure torture if there is Beer involved.

  5. Anonymous says:

    YAY! Management lessons from PROD!!! I LOVE IT!

    …and sadly, free food goes a long way into convincing employees to work unreasonable hours.

    Let’s see… lesson #2 is probably something about compromising one’s morals and ethics for the bottom line….

  6. Jim Pemberton says:

    Yeah! Don’t give ’em any pizza at all!

    …of course, it’s the one food that usually doesn’t have any chicken on it.

  7. Lin-Z says:

    Add free beer to the equation and Saturday/Sunday magically become part of the standard work week, free icecream gets you at least 2 major holidays, and conference lunches at the stripclub get’s OSHA all pissy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the most common torture is the endless meeting; no soda is ever served with the pizza so you cannot have an excuse to leave the room

  9. Anonymous says:

    A little bribing never hurt anybody. Especially pizza! Coolers and coworkers, however, don’t mix.

  10. FoodFlapper says:

    the neat thing about having pizza at work is that it’s pointy on the end, so when coworkers piss you off, you can poke them in the eye with it. It’s also flappy, so you can flap them in the face with it.

  11. Diego says:

    and the embarassing thing is that i’ve fallen for this. every single time.

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