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16 Responses to Razor

  1. Barbara F. Seville says:

    Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, “Rozar s’Macco” is an incredibly and unnecessarily complicated theory explaining why it is impossible to get hair off a chicken

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL! NOWWW I get it! (Thanks Wikipedia! That was simple!)

  3. The Muse says:

    Cutting edge technology…

  4. Anonymous says:

    with a infinitely sharp edge???

  5. Rog Robinson says:

    I almost said something dreadful like “razor sharp wit”. That’s a close shave, then: but don’t get into a lather about it.
    Oh dear, oh dear.

  6. Chris Toxic says:

    Another Good One!

  7. brandon field says:

    I’ve been reading every day, but this is the first one that I put up on my door. (Grad student office). Thanks for the laughs, Doug!

  8. chikzrkul says:

    Thanks, Barbara! Now I understand why there’s always hair on my fried chicken wings.

  9. Lin-Z says:

    LOL. I just snorted apple-juice.

  10. MissHairy says:

    They’ll be a “Gillette Occam’s Lady” any day now.

  11. Doug Savage says:

    You people are hilarious – thanks for all the great comments so far this week!

  12. Twyla says:

    My prediction: Geeks around the world will begin printing this one up for campus office doors. Wait, it seems there’s already proof!

  13. Ratstauranteur says:

    note to Chikzrkul:

    if there’s hair on your chicken wings…

    maybe its not really chicken!
    (Let’s see, what animals have hair instead of feathers…? no, don’t even go there…)

  14. Lateral says:

    Why do blades have to be parallel? Can we somehow make them blurred using fast vibrations?

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