Savage Chickens - People I Hate 6

Experience the hate: 12345

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14 Responses to People I Hate 6

  1. McDishrag says:

    Oh, so true. Even dates stink up a moviegoing experience, so I have read.
    Doug, is this the first time you have anthropomorphized into a chicken yourself?

  2. Ev says:

    this is exactly why i now always wait for the dvd

  3. Jen says:

    Too true. Don’t forget the kick-kick-kick to the back of the seat. Man that gets me steamed. šŸ™

  4. Stacy says:

    You are a very cranky chicken-man. The people are part of the experience! Nothing is quite as satisfying as a whole theatre full of people laughing at something you just yelled at the screen.

    I know, you hate me too.

  5. LeAnna says:

    We should have a real life MST3K for those who want to just make fun of movies the entire time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is why I’d rather stay home and watch: Ow! My Balls

  7. the mean ol' chicken of Hate says:

    When people bug you at the movie theater, it can be helpful to offer them some of your popcorn.

    Then deliver it with a sligshot at very close range.

  8. the chicken of Irritation says:

    Top 5 things you can do to irritating people at the movies:

    1) sit behind them, and push a ketchup bottle up between the seat and backrest …

    2) In your best stage whisper, say “hey, did you hear what that pervert at the concession stand did in the popcorn…?”

    3) Sit in front of him. Keep standing up to yawn interminably

    4) Crawl over everybody in the row to get out, then change your mind and go back. Repeatedly.

    5) take a misting spray bottle to the movie. Sneeze often and then mist the person sitting in front of you. Put garlic in the water.

  9. M-L says:

    hmmm ihp who don’t get it…
    but ild

  10. elizabeth says:

    i must say that it is funny but i was recently at the movies and it wasnt that bad..

    here are some OTHER things to do to make people mad at the movies.
    1.test your new ringtones as loud as possible.
    2.say out loud those are boring.
    3.ask the closest person if they farted because somthing stinks.
    4.if the movie manager come….yell in his/her face ”LET ME ETLEAST WATCH THE MOVIE IN PEACE!!”

  11. bethany says:

    you would do that,make people mad for no good reason?this is y i dont go 2 movies….

  12. sunny says:

    i agree with Bethany!!

  13. jake says:

    i recently went to see a movie, the loud and actiony kind, and the people next to me actually brought a baby. a VERY CRANKY and LOUD BABY!!!!!!!!! i was not happy

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