Savage Chickens - Monday Maze

Need a greater sense of accomplishment? Here’s another challenge.

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18 Responses to Monday Maze

  1. Darwin says:

    Hahaha honestly Doug, you’ve outdone yourself this time! I’m a-mazed (sorry couldn’t resist!)

  2. Jen says:

    Um, shouldn’t there be tiny coffee breaks every 5 cm or so?

  3. chikzrkul says:

    ARGH!! They’re all dead ends!

    Go figure…

  4. onehugeeye says:

    oh man! you just reminded me it was Monday

    * sulks

  5. Derek_Coleman says:

    That was awesomely appropriate on so many levels.

  6. Anonymous says:

    gr8! however, i solved it as always from the end to the beginning…

  7. michaela says:

    more like an AMAZING sense of accomplishment…

  8. Katie says:

    THIS WAS MY DAY! (how did you know?)

  9. CosmicChickenz says:

    Hah when I was in the chickens head, I always got stuck, figures…Any signs? I never made it to that vague sense of accomplishment *sigh*

  10. wordless scribbles says:

    finished it on the second try!

    *woot *woot

  11. Anonymous says:

    i find starting from the back helps me, then i realized that i was starting with a vague sense of accomplishment and ending with a monday morning.

  12. kimberly glasgow says:

    makes since i always fel like a head looking for the chicken on mondays

  13. Mochasfriend says:

    How can I e-mail these to people to show what a funny, cool, sarcastic, knowing, hip guy I am?

  14. Rhie says:

    There isn’t any way to solve it, people.

  15. Chi Chi C. says:

    I’m writing an English research paper at 11:30 pm so I read SC to stay awake. I come across this chicken maze and I’m still on it. It’s been half an hour. Ithink all of you are making up the way out because I can’t find one. My brain is also kind of disjointed at the moment so that could be why I cant figure this *%^#$##$@#@$%^& (not a curse word, a sign of frustration) maze out. I guess no accomplishment for me…

  16. Chi Chi C. says:

    Wait! Wait! I found it! Stupid trick chicken head… no wonder you could find it on the second try.

  17. egg17 says:

    is this supposed to be “possible”?

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