Savage Chickens - Eight Steps

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62 Responses to Eight Steps

  1. Jen says:

    Man, that’s depressing. He went the whole day on just one cup of coffee!

  2. Deb says:

    This disturbs me. Have you been watching me??

  3. kthompsn says:

    Life…in a nutshell. (from OR&A?)

  4. WhizGidget says:

    As a good friend just said to me in IM: “Hilarious, and horribly depressing”

  5. DK says:

    Doug, usually you make me laugh. Today, I think I will cry. You hit the nail on the head!

  6. Alyxx says:

    Wow…reminds me of the original Life In Hell strip (Matt Groening) – and I mean that in a very, very, good way!

  7. synical says:

    Depicts my life too closely… my sad life… 🙁

  8. Blithe says:

    Good news! If you work from home it’s six easy steps.

    Thanks for the laughs Doug.

  9. Valli says:

    swap out the car for a BART train and you have my life, that is so incredibly sad on soo many levels.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rofl! So sad and so true….

  11. The Great Time-Waster says:

    Now this one DESERVES to be on a coffee mug

  12. idiotSupremo says:

    did one also on pretty much the same idea six months ago:



  13. Doug Savage says:

    heheh ya this is a pretty depressing one, eh?

    Thanks Alyxx for the Life In Hell comparison – I think that’s one of the best compliments a cartoonist can get!

    Great Time-Waster, you are so right.

  14. lioness says:

    There is a horrible screaming metal band out there called “Bludge” and they do a song that is like the soundtrack to this cartoon. My friend loves that song, so I HAD to email him this cartoon. He has it pinned up in his cage. Funny!

    • WhiteLight_TrainWreck says:

      That truly is sad that your friend in this band is “caged”, while the Savage Chickens roam freely (even if it is just to a dreary work cubicle and back to his lonely home).

  15. Anonymous says:

    Nobody said life was easy and then along come chickens !!!!!

  16. The One and Only Nadie says:

    That is harsh. Those poor poor chickens.

    Does your life not involve toilet breaks and meals?

  17. EmptySet says:

    I think Faith No More said it best: “Birth, School, Work, Death”

  18. Alexander says:

    Why do I feel so emo???

  19. Anonymous says:

    take 3,5 and 6 out and its my life! hah

  20. chuckles says:

    I love it. That is my life (except I take the train) and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy my job and I enjoy watching TV and I love a good coffee. I really appreciate that the chicken doesn’t need outside validation or alcohol-based escapism to fool himself that anything is better than watching TV and drinking coffee.

  21. gbalbinot says:

    None shall pass

  22. Anonymous says:

    I hate working with people.

    Chickens are much more friendly…….

  23. Anonymous says:


    Even better, Slipknot’s album titled “Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat.”

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is basically why I just sit at my mom’s house and play video games all day. Why even bother with real life when it’s actually just a tremendous chore?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Seconding the “take out 3,5, and 6” bit.

  26. Henry says:

    that chicken should be so lucky as to have a secure lifestyle…i mean in the end isn’t that all you want out of a work week. that is just his typical day…i am sure he gets out on the weekend and ruffles a few feathers. life could be a lot worse.

  27. post3 says:

    if only he grew up on an organic farm……………..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but this only applies to boring people. You deserve this fate if you can’t think of anything better to do.

    This may be reality for a lot of people, but it’s more by choice than by circumstance.

  29. Ian says:

    That really is life, maybe throw some general and pointless conversations with people.

  30. RebelConformist says:

    Where’s the sex?

    now thats depressing!

  31. bgdana says:

    Where do I purchase a shirt with this philosophy emblazoned upon it? Black imprinted on white cotton would be fine.

    It sums up my existence.

    Thanks for nothing.

  32. brie987 says:

    Yes it is sad but this refers only to his work day. Please show him trying to make an egg with a “fowl other” and show him happy! Even if its depicted in only 2 panes of sketches. Thank you, it will make this seem bearable.

  33. yeastbeast says:

    A cute bit of fatalistic cartooning, but I challenge this on philosophical grounds. Life is what takes between the frames of this story.

  34. M says:

    We call that “metro, boulot, dodo” in french

  35. Anonymous says:

    Whoa… I’m a chicken!? We didn’t anyone tell me this!

  36. Taupter says:

    … Damn.

  37. Steve says:

    The trick is to tweak 4 + 6, do your own stuff as well at the work computer and turn off the tv at home, then you may stand a chance of breaking the cycle =]

  38. camille says:

    I shouldn’t have looked at this. Now I’m depressed -_

  39. Jason R. Hunter says:

    Sad that most people live as if there’s some rule that says they must live this way. There isn’t and you don’t have to.

  40. lichi says:

    wtf… what I’m doing whit my life!!?? =(

  41. Igor says:

    That’s so cynical I want it on my wall! Would it be possible to post a higher-resolution version?

  42. blueblanket says:

    This is wrong… so wrong… makes me want to go join the Peace Corps or something.,

  43. Anonymous says:

    depressing and funny at the same time. i also would like a higher resolution of this if possible 😐

  44. Diego says:

    :-} jaja veo que la forma de vivir es universal.En el otro lado del mundo pasa lo mismo.
    I see that the way of living is universal. In another side of the world the same thing happens(passes).

  45. lobato says:

    jesuschrist, this one got me so depressed i had to make all of my friends watch it in order to feel a little better.

    everybody seems to share this APOCAPYPTIC vision of life.

  46. Teddy GUTAN says:

    Soooooooooooooooooo not true… well, xept for you lame asses!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha ahahahaa ahahahahahahaha (mad scientist laugh).

  47. Jake says:

    What, no cigarette break? Damn Smokers…

  48. Gale says:

    Every day above ground it s good day. . . when you consider the alternative

  49. I replace Step 6 with an additional Step 4, but Yep…pretty much that!

  50. Rozza says:

    Simply genius!! That’s summed up perfectly! Love it 🙂

  51. Santiago says:

    Brilliant! But I think eyes at step 4 should be more like eyes at step 1 & 2.
    Love Savage Chickens!

  52. Emily'Shannon x says:

    Ahaa so true! It’s a bit depressing but FISH!!

  53. I really appreciate that the chicken doesn’t need outside validation or alcohol-based escapism to fool himself…

  54. LaPatriaEsElOtro says:

    por fin! alguien que piensa como yo!

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  56. Laura says:

    Is it possible to have a mug with the cartoon life in 8 easy steps?

  57. Ed says:

    2021 update

    After a year and a half: skipping steps 3 and 5 doesn’t make it any better.

    • Steve says:

      Fall 2021 update: going back to 3 & 5 is far worse when you didn’t do them for the last 17+ months (even if technically I did them for about 3-4 hours/week as one task required physical presence, but there were hardly any cars on the road, almost no annoying co-workers in the office, and for much of that time, where else interesting was I going to go, anyway?), and 4 is the same but with 8+ hours of oxygen deprivation.

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