Savage Chickens - Day of the Ninja 2007

Today is Day of the Ninja! You can celebrate by skulking around quietly.

Here are other chicken ninjas.

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13 Responses to Day of the Ninja 2007

  1. Yeeeaaaa--ahh says:

    Somehow it seems wrong
    to comment today.

  2. MariaFromOK says:

    But how much reading actually goes on here? LOL. I love this one!

  3. Sam says:

    Watch and Enjoy:

    Ninja Parade Slips Through Town

    happy ninja day,

  4. bookchick says:

    finally! something that will work with high school students

    i never took “Ninja 101” in library school…

  5. Seraphine says:

    I won’t ask the
    penalty for talking.

  6. Molly says:

    I will ask
    “What happens when the book you checked out from the nija library becomes overdue?”

  7. Ms Hairy says:

    I’d like a copy of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson please.

  8. Kendra says:

    Q: “Can you check out Ninjas in a Ninja Library?”
    A: “Only if you can see them!”

    Hmmm… maybe I should leave the bad jokes to other people…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I loooooooove the Onion. Thanks for the link to that ninja parade. I get the print copy at home so I hadn’t seen that.
    You should all check it out. The Onion is the best spoof newspaper out there.
    Much better than the real thing! (Almost as good as Savage Chickens)

  10. SteveO says:

    Bet you can hear the Ninjas fart in there

  11. Anonymous says:

    nah, you can’t hear them fart… they fart the “silent but deadly kind”

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