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More fast food.

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10 Responses to Free Smiles

  1. zaphod says:

    At last, now I have a response when asked (oh so brightly) by my co-workers why I am not smiling.

    A more cogent explanation has not yet been put forth!

  2. Eileen says:

    That’s great, but you see…I smile at almost everybody especially if they hate it! ahhahaha…I know I’m late for this, but my favorite cartoon of the past year was The Road Less Traveled! POET BOT!

  3. Edward says:

    No, as the advertisement in the right hand banner says Smileys are Free, but yes smiles cost, thought it variably independent on mood, a&*hole factor of those being smiled at, and of course the happy tax the current administration imposes.


  4. scrufflepuff says:

    Smiles are only for pleasant customers… And there are fewer of them every day. Doug, how long did you work in fast food to get this so right?

  5. Seraphine says:

    Would you like that smile
    to go, or eat it here?

  6. Ms Hairy says:

    I’ll take a McRib over a smile any day. Ah…the McRib…we hardy knew ye.

  7. cricket says:

    Two and a half years at McBlech, eighteen years at shitty, shitty minimum-wage jobs. Thank you.

    (Makes office monkeys look downright glamorous. At least their soul-selling is more subtle.)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Doug, words can’t even explain… I think I love you!

  9. Doug Savage says:

    scrufflepuff, I only lasted about 3 months!

    ms hairy, I miss the McRib too. But I have a feeling that my memory of its tasty goodness is better than the real thing

  10. Adam says:

    …but frowns are free. we have become a depressing culture.

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