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More death.

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6 Responses to Fantastic!

  1. Robert Williams says:

    Excellent! What’s hot yoga?

  2. tangled says:

    >> What’s hot yoga?

    Another one of the ways ancient science is fiddled with…

    Funny comic, tho’. >_<

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bet it was Bikram Yoga. All that heat definately makes you feel like you’re gonna die. 🙂

  4. Allen says:

    The problem with being the Reaper, of course, is that even looking fantastic means you still look like Death warmed-over. That might explain the “hot yoga” thing.

  5. Pleasantly Plump says:

    Does the Slim Reaper only kill skinny people? Can I put in an order for some skinny-killing?

    Fatties & Pear-Shapes! Unite! Skinny Reaper for President!

  6. Lindsy says:

    I vote for Skinny Reaper!

    We should make campaign buttons!

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