Savage Chickens - Freud vs Jung

Two psychiatrists enter, one psychiatrist leaves!

This one’s dedicated to the folks over at the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich.

Here’s more Freud. And Jung.

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15 Responses to Freud vs Jung

  1. Allen says:

    Sometimes, a chainsaw is just a chainsaw.

  2. Anonymous says:

    jeezum, Doug, how long did it take you to draw this one? that’s pretty intricate for a sticky note. you’ve got some comic-book action chops!

    also i must note (jungian bastard that i am), that taking a head off with a chainsaw–one fell swoop–requires more than human strength! spinal columns (even on pyschologists!) are a tough slog.

  3. Barefootmedia says:

    Oh NO! Doug has started channeling Tom Cruise!!!!

  4. Luke says:

    Nota Bene: No chickens.

  5. Justin says:

    For some reason, the phrase “There can be only one!” comes to mind…

  6. buttercupboxer says:

    can we have the lawyers in the Thunderdome next? Can we? huh?

  7. Just a Hysterical Woman says:

    What would be Freud’s weapon of choice? Shame? Hysteria?

    hey, and ditto–lawyer deathmatch next?!?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Darn my youth. šŸ™

  9. Sister Mary says:

    Freud and the world of psychology. And of all the days to substitute for psychology, I got the Oedipus Complex and a teacher that stated that Hitler was a genius, and a teacher that asked weird questions about penis envy and a teacher that said he believed in gay rights just not gay marriages. I had to take up the assignment that he had given the class. I can just imagine what he did as he read. I have found one of Freud’s long lost relatives- after this chance encounter, I quit my job. Yes, it is me, again!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Two psychologists go in, only one psychologists comes out!

  11. Roger R says:

    A chainsaw? A real philosopher would have used Occam’s razor…

  12. Anonymous says:

    almost snorted hot tea out of my nose!

  13. Amnesia Borgia says:

    I imagined tennis.

  14. Zombie Chicken 123 says:

    the bald dude looks like dr. phil w/ glasses… but dr. phil would never use a chainsaw on sigmund freud…. but he would on opra! good work mr. savage

  15. oldfan says:

    Brilliant cartoon, as ever. Thanks for the dedication to ISAPZURICH.

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