Savage Chickens - Something Wicked II

Nice try, Shakespeare.

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7 Responses to Something Wicked II

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doug, this is a masterpiece. You made laugh today at my lawyering job. Tnx!

  2. Seraphine says:

    Banquo was the lost ninja?
    Bloody daggers, I thought so!

  3. Ev says:

    “Is this a ninjat? which I see before me?”

    clearly, Macbeth was the original ninja

  4. philosopherva says:

    This was from the lost manuscript that was buried in the graveyard at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg. (It’s true. Some folks sneaked into the churchyard at night to search for lost manuscripts of Francis Bacon. I was there)!

  5. Shh! The ninjas are listening... says:

    A brilliant comic simultaneously skewering modern revisionist scholars as well as the overedumacated in general. Plus ninjas! You rock Doug!

  6. eliannrad says:

    Awesome! Like others have said before me, you rock!!

  7. T says:

    Doug, this is fantastic! I come back to these cartoons regularly even after years to have a good laugh (especially after some difficult patient visits).

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