Savage Chickens - Tigger

And then there’s Eeyore.

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47 Responses to Tigger

  1. Part Time Ninja says:

    Just as I suspected…

  2. lishun says:


    *runs away screaming*

  3. paintist says:

    Heh nice.

    WAKE UP SHEEPLE! Tigger was an inside job.

  4. Mander says:

    Bwahaha, I just nearly spit out my coffee. Brilliant!

  5. Jes says:

    Many of them died smiling.

  6. DoubleJay says:

    There can be only one!

    And now, the Tiggening…

  7. Chompa says:

    This is by far my favorite Savage Chicken post it of all time.

    I think I see a coffee cup with this on it in my future.

  8. John says:

    This would be Tigger-Anakin?

  9. zork says:

    delightfully macabre, Doug.
    could also work as a comment about darwinism or species extinction?

  10. qmay says:

    Oh Shit!!!!

  11. Deb says:

    OMG a Tigger massacre. I will never again look at the Pooh toons in the same way.

  12. john F says:

    OMG! i friggen knew it!!!!! i always knew he was a psyco killer!!!!

  13. TimC says:

    Oh, the Tiggermanity!

  14. Daniel says:

    This makes sense… Scarily but, yeah, it does.

  15. BarefootMedia says:

    AT LAST! The dark side of Disney exposed!

  16. zork says:

    …and is that a decapitated Tigger head *on a spike* in the background??? nice touch

  17. Blisschick says:

    HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! OMG, this made my moring!

  18. AJ says:

    This would Tigger MacLoud of the clan MacLoud? I love it!

  19. Khannnnnnnnnnnnnn says:

    There can be only one.

  20. Seraphine says:

    the other tiggers should have
    offered to pay royalties.

  21. Yiftach says:

    That is the most dark, disturbing thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

    I can’t stop laughing.

    Is that wrong?

  22. foo says:

    soylent orange is tiggers!

  23. RockFromDot says:

    Fracking fantastic!

    I can’t stop laughing.

  24. Sara says:

    Oh my god. I think I’m scarred for life.

  25. LeAnna says:

    It’s funny, but to be honest, it’s pretty morbid lol.

    I just hope no one shows that to their kids O.O.

  26. Zork, I’m pretty sure that’s Pooh’s head on the spike.

  27. Dute says:

    That is way too funny! I love the little X’s for eyes!!!! You are one sick puppy, Doug!

  28. Boebus says:

    LeAnna, i think its best to just be honest about tiggers past from the start… kids will understand!

  29. Snowdrops says:

    OMG!! My dear image of the happy-go-lucky Tigger, my favourite of the Pooh characters, is absolutely shattered! My whole world, my sense of right and wrong, have been turned completely upside down! The truth hurts too much!

    *runs away in tears*

  30. Gerald Ford says:

    Well, there can be only one…

  31. KevinT says:

    Brilliant. In my head he’s also got a “Woo hoo hoo hoo!” bubble in the second frame…

  32. Gold Star says:

    I knew it. Tigger is Lobo.

  33. Scott Smith says:

    Great stuff – definitely my favorite of the year. I’m new to Savage Chicken, but the sticky notes brighten my morning – even mildly disturbing ones like this. 🙂

  34. Christian says:

    So so so funny!

  35. tianna says:


  36. Shelby Ballweg says:


  37. Daniel says:

    OMG…he killed all the TIGGERS!!!

  38. Tyler says:

    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Did anyone else think of Highlander?)

  39. rebelliousme says:

    always knew there was something wrong with tigger. I think it was the eyebrows

  40. rebelliousme says:

    oh, i also love how the dead tiggers are smiling. is that wrong?

  41. Melanie says:

    HAHAHAHA! Oh that is the funniest!

  42. Vilet says:

    I always wondered what happened to the tiggers

  43. dead trigger says:

    I’m new to Savage Chicken, but the sticky notes brighten my morning

  44. Jackson says:

    Delightfully twisted, I showed it to co-workers in 2008. Does anybody else click the link these days to keep it up in the “most visited” list?

  45. Josh Olson says:

    I’m using this comic for a written assignment in my Public Speaking class. Topic: Sometimes it’s best not to know the answer.

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