Savage Chickens - Change is Possible

More Freud.

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5 Responses to Change is Possible

  1. ashley says:

    annoying. like our mothers, Freud?

    hurhur. i love Freud!!!

  2. Zork says:

    I think Freud’s right on this one. Whether you turn out to be a Cohiba or a Havana, it doesn’t change your basic cigar-ness. Some people are just stinky from the get-go.
    I have an 18-month-old we call “The Trail of Destruction.” I can, without Freud’s help, or a crystal ball, predict lots of extra Parent-Teacher conferences in her (my) future. Is that awful that I already think that?

  3. Blisschick says:

    Amen! I know people who are working diligently to become more annoying daily.

    Zork — I have one of those too, only mine is a teen now. Hide your permanent markers and be prepared to ground her a lot.

  4. dinana says:

    Donald Trumps is tops in this category!

  5. Seraphine says:

    infinitely more annoying.

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