Savage Chickens - Halloween Contest 2008

It’s Halloween Week at Savage Chickens! And here’s the annual contest! Just complete this cartoon and you could win Savage Chickens stuff!
– First prize: a t-shirt and a mug
– Second prize: a t-shirt
– Third prize: a mug

To enter, just tell me what the chicken is saying in the above cartoon. You can add your entry (or entries) to the comments, or send it to me via my contact form. Winners will be announced on Halloween!!

And here’s more Halloween fun!

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351 Responses to Halloween Contest 2008

  1. Dani says:

    “No, no, no! Don’t cross that road, he’s waiting on the other side!!”

  2. Rachel says:

    Can’t we just watch ‘Mary Poppins’ again instead?

  3. Johnny Bley says:

    You know, Boris Karloff WAS that scarey.

  4. Clayton says:

    Saw V? They just don’t make them like they used too.

  5. Stefan says:

    I hear there’s a Nightmare On Wallstreet?

  6. JS says:

    “Discovery Channel” – Look, even if chickens could fly, we two wouldn’t have managed this close formation.

  7. Renata says:

    You know, that movie franchise has been done to death

  8. Örn says:

    Can you please change the channel for me? Ive gone thru like 63 remotes after i got those blades attached to my fingers. Its really annoying.

  9. baldo says:

    Switch that soap for me, would’ya? it’s the third remote that I trash tonite…

  10. Jenna says:

    Ya know, you’re way prettier in real life.

  11. Mark M says:

    I am *so* dressing up as Pinhead this year!

  12. Kixtart says:

    “Need a haircut?”

  13. Stefan says:

    That McCain-guy’s facemask… it’s SCARY!

  14. joe says:

    CO2 causes global warming!? Aaaaaaa!!!

  15. “Good debate, but honestly, that Palin chick SCARES me”
    “‘2½ Men’? What a deceptive title. NOBODY on this show has been chopped in half.”
    “That Dexter dude’s a wimp, don’t you agree?”
    “That’s not real horror! It’s just long drawn-out scenes of torture with excessive gore. Can we watch something else than CNBC?”
    “Dammit, I disemboweled her like 10 years ago. Now she has a primetime series and I don’t?”

  16. James says:

    Great, now i’m going to have nightmares, dang Presidential election

  17. pc says:

    “they just don’t make costume friendly psychopaths anymore. i mean.. dexter? jigsaw? how the hell is that supposed to make a good halloween costume? those were the days, man… those were the days.”

  18. Frank III says:

    “Hey, what do you think about me going as Sarah Palin this year?”

  19. Marcus says:

    frankly, my clawnails could really need a cut

  20. Kelly Everett says:

    “You were right, CNN election coverage is pretty horrifying.”

  21. Andy says:

    Come on! That’s totally CG.

  22. mcevil says:

    Admit it. My claws have their uses except bloody murder and mutilation. At least with the remote lost.

  23. Dan says:

    It’s probably best if you turn it on. You saw what I did to the remote.

  24. Ivan says:

    Holly Crap… I’m a turkey!

  25. Stefan says:

    What?! They make us look like the bad guys!

  26. Cecilia says:

    God! I can’t stand it! How many of these movies are there? And they’ve never once gotten my hair right!

  27. iulia says:

    the world is getting scarier and scarier each year…

  28. KipEsquire says:

    Cloris Leachman on “Dancing with the Stars? Now THAT’S scary!

  29. Jeanovsky says:

    Hey, we’re on the 10 Most Wanted!!! Uhhhuuuulll!!

  30. Part Time Ninja says:

    “Your hand had better not be where I think it is…”

  31. Tania says:

    You think anyone will scare like a chicken?

  32. Michaela Hellmich says:

    Either YOU change the channel or we only have a one to two chance to watch Pokemon on time.

  33. Vicky says:

    “Y’know, I hate seeing myself on screen and I never usually watch my own movies”

  34. Barb says:

    That Rachel Ray is SCAR-EE!

  35. Varin says:

    “Why they can’t just run away?”

  36. Brian says:

    “I don’t know, what would you like to dress up as for Halloween this year?”

  37. CLiff says:

    I’m not sure which is more ironic, a chicken dressed as a butcher or a chicken wearing a mask designed to protect teeth.

  38. “I wonder what a sliced Simon Cowell tastes like”

  39. James Nicolay says:

    “Costumes and masks are now way out of fashion.”

    Freddy and Jason after analyzing the Saw series.

  40. Davida says:

    Where do they come up with this stuff?!? So unrealistic!

  41. Lois Cutter says:

    I told you Tom Cruise was on Oprah again today!

  42. Luv2fli2 says:

    You know, Reality Television is a lot more terrifying than any nightmare we could come up with!

  43. Rachel D says:

    All this Christmas advertising makes me want to kill!

  44. Joe Anka says:

    “DING DONG” Oh No!! I hope it’s not Bill Shatner again, he scares me!

  45. Who needs a remote control when you’re claw-nailed?

  46. Edward Sampson says:

    Revenge of the Night Poodles! My favorite!

  47. Jeff Evangelista says:

    NNNNNoooooooooo…Not a Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray Holiday special…I won’t sleep for weeks!!!

  48. Rachel D says:

    why do they always run up the stairs?

  49. Greg Gallegos says:

    Those Gilmore Girls give me the hebbie gebbies!

  50. Don’t look!
    … my ass looks so damn fat in this scene!

  51. Hey! How did they get our homevideos!

  52. Marius Gurska says:

    Hello. My idea is the following:
    – Title: “Lucky 13”
    – and the chicken is saying:
    “Definitely Saw XIII is better than Friday the 13th..”

  53. Jen says:

    What? I can’t believe those jerks got Abe Lincoln to advertise that Rozerem stuff. I should be all over that. I’m calling my agent!

  54. TMA says:

    “You know Jason, I believe a close examination of the subtext suggests that the auteur is utilizing genre rules to criticize the genre itself.”

  55. Adrian says:

    “Should we turn it on?”

  56. Steve Daniels says:

    “That was gruesome. What a terrible waste of ketchup.

  57. Steve Daniels says:

    “I can’t watch. It’s Col. Sanders!”

  58. This next slide is when I killed a whole dorm in Florida. That was a “dream” vacation.

  59. Steve Daniels says:

    The following year…

    “It’s the sequel – Col. Sanders meets Popeye.”

  60. Steve Daniels says:

    “We’re all gonna die! It’s the Chick-Fil-A Cows movie!”

  61. Laura says:

    SCARY!!!! High School Musical is on again.

  62. Susan Wenger says:

    I love the election coverage on CNN.

  63. Amy says:

    OOH! Santa Claus is Coming to Town is on!

  64. jeff says:

    This election is scarrier then anything we could possibly do.

  65. Luisa says:

    We gotta stop watching the news. WAY too scary.

  66. Steve Daniels says:

    “… to see a man lay bricks. I don’t get it.”

  67. michaelp says:

    This network news channel is going to give me nightmares.

  68. Supresweet says:

    I knew we shouldn’t have leaked those home videos!

  69. Dana Dolence says:

    Y’know, that guy in Friday the 13th looks alot like you…hheeeyyy, waaiitt a minute…it IS you!

  70. FingerLickinGood says:

    “That Colonel sure gives me the willies.”

  71. Luke says:

    It slices?! It dices!? That was my line! You’re dead RON POPEIL…dead!!

  72. New LCD screens makes these actors look so real I’m afraid scratching it.

  73. Monica says:

    Man… I can’t believe you never told Godzilla his zipper was showing! Classic!!

  74. Lauren Roux says:

    Who knew doily making could be so hard.

  75. Jenny says:

    The camera really DOES add ten pounds.

  76. AndyT13 says:

    “Tsk, why do they ALWAYS split up…”

  77. RM Pitts says:

    Why are your pupils white and mine are black?

    I love these new steel pin feathers!

  78. caZuiste says:

    “You’re so wrong Han, parsec is a distance unit”

  79. AndyT13 says:

    “What happened? I fell asleep…”

  80. erin miller says:

    Those Hills kids scare the bejesus out of me…diddo!!!

  81. Carrie says:

    Don’t you just hate when they keep remaking the same Horror flick over and over again! Just ruins the whole suspense!

  82. Jason Wright says:

    Horror movies are so predictable these days…

  83. cleek says:

    ooh! and here’s the part where you stab me with my own arm, which you just tore off.

  84. JT says:

    Why does Michael Myers get all the airtime this time of year?

  85. Pat T. says:

    There’s nothing on but violence!

  86. Mark Henry says:

    Well, I think the Iron Chef’s use of the chicken gizzard secret ingredent in that dessert dish is just mesmerizing, don’t you dear?

  87. TimC says:

    I can’t believe we’re missing trick or treating for Dick Clark’s Hallows Rockin’ Eve!

  88. Tate says:

    “You know, that Sarah Palin scares me to death”

  89. Rene says:

    Wow, they sell a stainless steel Chef knive with sharpener. Should we buy one and share?

  90. elections! that’s scary

  91. Rich says:

    And now, because of a momentary lapse in the bathroom, I can never have children.

  92. caZuiste says:

    “Damn, I’d be tempted too”

  93. mrsdarwin says:

    “I always cry when he says, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

  94. ryan says:

    They never get your hair right in these made for TV movies.

    Don’t you find using an axe is messy?

  95. caZuiste says:

    “Alien versus Predator ? What a stupid mix”

  96. Tate says:

    “Man, you know this economy’s bad when WE can’t even find work”

  97. Having claws avoid ghosting reception problems.

  98. Tuning yout TV is much better when you’re antenna-handed.

  99. caZuiste says:

    “Luk, I am yourrr fatherrr… Why my agent never gets me such interesting evil characters like this ?”

  100. dinana says:

    You get the legs, I get the breasts…hey wait…what am I saying? That’s even too creepy for me!”

  101. Dave D of WV says:

    No, I can’t use the remote. But now I can reach the set controls from my seat!

  102. Birdiegirl91 says:

    “This reality TV is pretty terrifying”

  103. Tony Bond says:

    Just think how scary it will be once we get HDTV

  104. Suz says:

    Will this foul, terrifying campaign never end?

  105. Dave D of WV says:

    I didn’t know the mask had the “3D” built-in!

  106. Annika says:

    “He’s right behind you, Laurie!”

  107. Jennifer King says:

    “…chicken fingers”

  108. Keith says:

    Stupid V-chip… *now* what are we supposed to watch?

  109. caZuiste says:

    “Oh no, it’s Halloween again. 364 days is just not enough”

  110. The Wonderer says:

    You call those talking points? I’ll give you some points to ponder mister reporter.

  111. caZuiste says:

    “You call that a chicken wing ? THIS is a wing”

  112. caZuiste says:

    I mean:

    “You call that a chicken wing ? THIS is a chicken wing”

  113. John in Little Rock says:

    Saw V? They should’ve stopped after Saw III.

  114. Hey, look! Alien and Predator have become friends too!

  115. Bethany Altschwager says:

    We aren’t nearly as scary broken up by commercials.

  116. Stefan says:

    42 channels – and there’s Poltergeists on all them.

  117. Stefan says:

    Actually, these claws give surprisingly good reception on the TV-set!

  118. Stefan says:

    Staying home and Hallo-Wii’ing was a great idea!

  119. Laurie Ann says:

    Regis Philbin–now THAT’s a scary costume.

  120. Stefan says:

    I don’t really like the News.. they make you and me look boring!

  121. el_fedora says:

    …I dunno, What do you wanna do tonight?

  122. caZuiste says:

    “This Edward Scissorhands is so inexpressive. He looks just like you”

  123. CUT! CUT! Man, anda they call Hitchcock master of the terror.

  124. caZuiste says:

    “Edward Scissorhands ? You’re so sued Tim Burton !”

  125. Roxann says:

    “‘Girl’s Gone Wild?’ Time to come out of retirement, my friend.”


    “You’re right, the verticle stripes make my butt look HUGE.”


    “Ooo, write that down for me! 1-888-PSORIASIS.”

  126. Bryan says:

    You never want to go out anymore. All we do is watch TV.

  127. Chico says:

    OMG!! look!!! everybody want’s to guess what we are saying… OMG!! they are looking at us!!

  128. MJ says:

    Omen V: The Rule of President Obama – if I watch this I’ll have nightmares!

  129. redbeardjim says:

    “Ah, another pleasant evening watching De-Skin-emax”

  130. Amanda says:

    If we order within the next 10 minutes, we’ll get a full set of Ginsu knives and a chopping board, all for the low price of $19.95!

  131. J. R. says:

    Seriously! My knife skills beat Emeril’s anyday!

  132. PG says:

    … and watch- now he’ll change his shoes and put on a sweater. This guy creeps me out.

  133. kim says:

    Who needs a converter box when you have a built in antenna?

  134. Chopper says:

    I have to go to the bathroom and I think I’m gonna need some help.

  135. Seraphine says:

    i’m speechless.
    you mean you haven’t had
    a manicure ever???

  136. Rob says:

    Come on Jason. Cant we watch something other than hockey?

  137. Ryan says:

    I told you if we dressed up as The Foster Farms Chickens we’d get on TV!

  138. Joaquin says:

    You know.. killing the cable guy wasn´t such a good idea

  139. Joaquin says:

    ok, final one 😛

    You know.. killing the cable guy wasn´t a very good idea

  140. AlexTM says:

    So, third date huh?
    Wanna snuggle?

  141. Adam says:

    Ugh. This HDTV shows every bursting blood vessel on me.

  142. kiteguy says:

    “I hate watching the news. All that violence and gore!”

  143. ToasterFairy says:

    “That noise outside was just stockbrokers going through our trash. I was worried it was Bernanke for a minute there.”

  144. ToasterFairy says:

    “Digital TV is horrifying. I had no idea my skin looked so bad!”

  145. In_GA_USA says:

    We could do a lot of good if we could get onto these reality shows.

  146. Timo says:

    “Do you think my chest-hair is gross ?”

  147. Dennis says:

    Man, there’s nothing on TV tonight … let’s go out and get some candy!

  148. Lois Cutter says:

    Why do they always insist on going in the dark creepy rooms when they hear a noise? Nothing good ever comes of that.

  149. BalamQas says:

    -I hate those remakes Make me look fat-

  150. Stefan says:

    We sure showed HIM a new meaning of “Director’s Cut”.

  151. Sara Clauss says:

    Okay, your movie is next. This time, we do a shot when you bash in the door or wall the person you’re after is leaning against!

  152. kristin says:

    900 channels and we’re not on ANY of them tonight?

  153. JP says:

    Wow. You are really slow. How could you have let them get away?

  154. Chico says:

    OMG!! Did you really kill that Girl??
    Damn Man!!, your so good!!!

  155. KC says:

    I think we should try out for Survivor.

  156. Axxle says:

    Oh great, the powers out. Can you go check the fusebox?


    Great. Static. Now I’ll never see that Samara chick again.

  157. Mrs. Mandie B says:

    Becoming Paris Hilton’s new BFF? Now THAT’S scary.

  158. Christian says:

    “But I don’t want to watch ice hockey!”

  159. KC says:

    Kitchen Nightmares?

  160. This dude in ‘The Burning’ makes us both look like pussies.

  161. onitsuaf says:

    Take off that mask! I can’t understand a word you say!

  162. Erica Gieras says:

    Your not fat the camera adds 5 lbs.

  163. Daniel Davis says:

    “We really are in hell.”

  164. Dute says:

    Oh Boy! “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is on!!

  165. Casey A says:

    Hey, I know this one! What is “alektorophobia?”

  166. Kelly Grago says:

    No, I won’t scratch your back. Stop asking.

  167. Kirsten says:

    Cover your eyes! It’s a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial!

  168. Giulia says:

    TV on the news: “…and another bank has filed for bankruptcy…”

    Chicken: “So how come no one told us Halloween would be anticipated this year?”

  169. Tricia says:

    Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween Resurrection, why is it always about you?

  170. Michele J says:

    “Not another Chick Flick”

  171. Callie says:

    My exfoliating mask is almost dry, how is yours coming?

  172. Susan D. says:

    Wow, they’re showing “It’s A Wonderful Life” really early this year.

  173. Rachel says:

    For the last time, I know the swimsuit competition is over; I just like the way the fabric breathes.

  174. Pirate Chicken Extroardinare says:

    Everyone talks about how scary the news is…I dunno though, Highschool Musical and the fifth in the Saw series are the only real competetors. Next to us that is.

  175. yonatan says:

    “every year, same sh** on TV…”

  176. Maureen S says:

    Yikes! Palin is one heart-beat away from the Presidency…now that’s scary!!!

  177. Edo says:

    a guy gave me candy for no reason


    I’m losing popularity to sheep costumes

  178. Micah Nance says:

    Back in the good old days horror movies were more than just campaign ads.

  179. I have a couple ideas. Sorry if I’ve repeated anyone else’s ideas; I didn’t read the previous comments. I appologize for all the minds scarred by the Cialis line.

    I’m sick of all these stores saying they’ve slashed their prices!

    I wanna be the next Dr. 90210! When are they holding auditions again?

    Edward Scissorhands really didn’t take advantage of his situation.

    Good thing the elections are coming up. All that ballot slashing will really help us pay the rent.

    For the last time, I don’t care what the commercials say. You DON’T NEED Cialis!

    By the time the new year comes around, the gardening job story will still work. They’ll be happy to see that Bush gone.

    What do you mean you dropped the remote in our pool of blood? Don’t tell me it’s near the diving board!

  180. Andrew says:

    “It’s true. You CAN find a rerun of “It’s A Wonderful Life” at any time of day on Cable.”

  181. heidi says:

    Maybe we can host our own game show– “Run really fast or Die”!

  182. Sam says:

    “Look honey, they’re playing our show.”

  183. Carl Bladefingers says:

    Nothing but re-runs all day of Friday the 13th. This is killing me!

  184. Jared L. says:

    I don’t know about you but the Parent Trap really creeps me out.

  185. Kris Holsen says:

    Actually, Julie Andrews terrifies me…

  186. willwot says:

    Edward Scissorhands the greatest story ever told!

  187. Michael says:

    Wow, the camera does add 20 pounds.

  188. julianna says:

    I told you doing a movie together would only further our type-casting.

  189. Oscar says:

    “Alien Vs Predator? Oh come on! Cross-overs are ridiculous !”

  190. Kensuke says:

    Wow, those Republican candidates give me the willies!

  191. bree says:

    it’s boring waiting for halloween. want me to turn on the tv?

  192. bree says:

    i swear i just saw the ring.

  193. dicy says:

    “So do you understand the emotion I was trying to portray? I just wanted to audience to feel beyond scared and wet themselves.”

  194. “Oh no… cable is out, so i think we’ll have to go on trick or treating”

  195. “I got this blades from that infomertial”

  196. “This edward Scissorhands think he’s the big thing, look at my blades”

  197. “think i need to get modernised, i’ll change this blades for that chainsaw showing in TV”

  198. No way unwrapping these halloween candies, may I peel them?

  199. Bill Hadam says:

    Aw come on, don’t be such a ch…… Um, never mind!

  200. Teresa A. says:

    So do you think I would look good with a French manicure?

  201. “Trick or treatment, Jason?”

  202. Teresa A. says:

    If Pinhead and Swamp Thing had a love child, would it have gills?

  203. Rachel says:

    i dont have 1 but i’ll cast a vote to the “i hear there’s a nightmare on wallstreet” lmao

  204. Carissa says:

    “Can you believe how scary this Girls Gone Wild thing is?”

  205. […] It wouldn’t be Halloween without Savage Chicken’s Annual Halloween Caption Contest. […]

  206. Lorrne Gates says:

    So… I heard Sarah Palin is a hockey mom. Any relation?

  207. Lorrne Gates says:

    You like Palin for being a hockey mom, but I appreciate McCain’s scary tax cuts for the rich.

  208. Scott says:

    “Tasteless violence.”

  209. Joaco says:

    I love Oprah!

  210. Tony says:

    “No Deal”? She’s crazy.

  211. Sarah says:

    AH! the sound of music! turn it off! turn it off!
    and they thought I was scary…

  212. Varin says:

    “Why is he killing her?”

  213. Varin says:

    “I like Obama. We should take care that he wins.”

  214. Varin says:

    “You know actually I don’t really like killing people. It’s just Halloween that I can’t stand”

  215. Johnny says:

    Pssst, he’s not dead yet, the mass serial killer never dies the first time you kill him.

    caption below:
    Fred and Jay-bo after a night of mayhem.

  216. Amir says:

    My word, you might want to cover up those eyeholes of yours.
    God, I wish these claws were long enough to reach that button.
    Friday the 31st? I thought it was 13.

  217. mcevil says:

    I thought reality TV means I can butcher all these nice people from the comfort of my sofa.

  218. Jeremy Boland says:

    “In your dreams!”

  219. Toits (not pronounced as you think it is) says:

    “Horror just isn’t the same anymore…”
    “Since when is horror supposed to be funny?”
    Over the bubble: The title of the movie with that lonely gardener robot with scissors for hands whose creator died before installing him real hands (i forgot).
    In the bubble: “Now that’s a character i can relate to” or something that shows compassion (or even anger “What a rip-off!”)

  220. mcevil says:

    Think I’d qualify for fencing at the paralympics?

  221. intempestiva says:

    Gee! The witch has put poor Hansel in the hoven!

  222. Sarah says:

    I wish I had hair like that!

  223. Sharron P says:

    Don’t forget we are having dinner with your folks tomorrow. I do hope it’s not spaghetti again!

  224. Diane says:

    You first, Ginger or Mary Ann

  225. Wally says:

    “I hate violence on TV”.

  226. Mark Henry says:

    I’ve got our airline tickets to that island. I hope they’re ready to rename the show “No Survivors”!

  227. Peter says:

    When will we see Sadako crawl out of the TV?

  228. sheila brogan says:

    (need to draw an arrow going downward on the TV.) “I told you we would scare more people if we dressed like stockbrokers!”

  229. dart says:

    I have to call my Lawyer. Look at Cloris Leachman in that hat, its total copy right infringment. I gonna sue the pants off Dancing with the Stars.

  230. ed says:

    Do you think those Ginsu knives would be better? And they come with a free ‘vegetable’ dicer!

  231. Mike Wagner says:

    “Do these stripes make me look fat?”

  232. Georga says:

    “This is such an inaccurate representation of us.”

    “We should sue this director for defamation of character?”

    (Psychopath Retirement Home) “Those were the days.”

  233. Trish Powles says:

    “I’m telling you, Jason, the Food Network’s WAY scarier than this unrealistic crap… just think of the way they slice and dice those chickens!”


    “The nerve of these directors… I have 9 stripes on my shirt, not 12! Them and their artistic license…”


    “Aww, look at the cute little trick-or-treaters… makes me just wanna run up behind them and give them a great big bear hug!”


    “I’m sick of all this election stuff. How about you take Obama, I’ll take McCain, and we’ll call it a day?”


    “THAT’S more like it, Johnny! From cutting hair to cutting heads – see why I love this guy, Jason?”

  234. why people dress up like chickens on halloween is beyond me.

  235. AndyT13 says:

    Frankly both candidates scare the Bejeebus out of me.

  236. caZuiste says:

    “Eh, you tricked me, that’s not M.A.S.H, that’s M.A.S.K.”

  237. caZuiste says:

    “… and this one can launch rockets. That’s why you’ll never be M.A.S.K”

  238. caZuiste says:

    “what’s for dinner ?”

  239. Allen's Brain says:

    See? Every station: “Poultry-Geist”!

    I can’t believe Michael gets to do Letterman just because it’s “Halloween”!

  240. Allen's Brain says:

    Have you tried using the ears from REAL rabbits? Works much better.

  241. FM says:

    The book was better.

  242. caZuiste says:

    “I once went to E.R … for nose picking”

  243. Lenny says:

    Wow! The nicer slicer dicer from JML
    That could save us a whole heap of hassle

  244. Sherry Wall says:

    Oohhh…That Colonel Sanders is scary….

  245. caZuiste says:

    “That’s your hockey mom ? No wonder you turned like that”

  246. caZuiste says:

    “Now you will probably want to wait til Christmas to offer this lipstick to your mom”

  247. caZuiste says:

    “check this out: slash slash w w w. It must be some kind of secret message for us … again”

  248. Mary D. says:

    Dude, no way!! Dick Cheney is WAY scarier than Lon Chaney!!

  249. yknot says:

    I’d hide my face too if I’d forgotten to get the $40 coupon to get rid of the rabbit ears.

  250. Tracy says:

    Alright psychopath, where’s the remote? No more butcher knives for you!!

  251. Brian says:

    Title: Freddy vs. Jason 2

    “Hey, [did you know] we have a new movie coming out November 4th!?”

  252. iulia says:

    so..did you think of anything to wear tonight?

  253. Melsa says:

    “Wow that Crystal Lake sure looks nice…oh sorry.”

  254. RobynE says:

    “This season on Dancing with the Stars has been a complete horror show.”

  255. Heather Allen says:

    Running for president is my day job.

  256. Heather Allen says:

    We need a bigger TV.

  257. Saytica says:

    Friday 13th night and watching TV… I think we’re getting old.

  258. Heather Allen says:

    If you ask me to go Trick-or-Treating one more time…

  259. Heather Allen says:

    Reality TV shows are far from real!

  260. “When Good Chickens Go Bad”? What is that about?

  261. Vanessa says:

    Ya know, I think I should try this Proactive stuff.

  262. “Hey J, it’s that a horror movie or a video of your mom?”

  263. JoshB says:

    Title: OprAHH!

    “Okay, you win. Oprah is still scarier.”

  264. Nathan says:

    oh no they just made trick or treating leagal

  265. KC says:

    If I have to get up from this TV one more time to answer the door to give some little freak some candy I swear I’m gonna kill somebody!

  266. David Wayne says:

    Wanna watch “The Carebears 3” or “The Smurfs Part V”?

  267. Raquel says:

    Watching “Freddy make spagetti” on the food channel, just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

  268. Paula says:

    Hey J Look it’s the sound of music.

  269. Greg Scraper says:

    They can’t show graphic violence on TV, but KFC commercials are ok?

  270. aatokius says:

    just sit there, breathing heavy, ignoring me like usual. i am so tired of this.

  271. Nosheen says:

    “Why so simple, Buddy?”


    “Buddy, take that mask off. Seriously, you look like the real guy.”

  272. Teal Cuttlefish says:

    “And they think Reality TV is a new concept!”

  273. Lenagirl says:

    Oh No!! The camera really DOES add 10 pounds!

  274. Kika says:

    It’s sad that there’s no more guys like us on TV…

  275. Maria Alice says:

    I never thought there would be guys scarier than us on TV…

  276. Sarah T! says:

    Is it so gosh darn hard for those people to get my hair right?


    Where did you say you had an itch?

  277. caZuiste says:

    “Look! You see? It’s not just the mask, you have to wear pants too”

  278. Gareth says:

    “Ohh Poultrygeist is on”

  279. E Hayes says:

    TV’s so violent nowadays. It’s really sickening, you know?

  280. Joe Anka says:

    Aaaah, here’s Johnny!

  281. Mark Henry says:

    Oooooo, the ultimate horror… another infomercial!

  282. Ray says:

    How it all started

    Nothing’s on, what do you want to do now?

  283. tatum says:

    You’re right, “Fool’s Gold” is some scary stuff.

  284. tatum says:

    How do you always catch up to them when you never run?

  285. sheala says:

    So that’s where Michael Myers is now!

  286. Adam says:

    Looking at a dead television just isn’t the same.

  287. Trish Powles says:

    Not Tom Cruise!! That guy gives me nightmares!

  288. Tyler Crim says:

    Yo My Name Is Robert England & Yo Better Hide Cuz
    Yo About To Get Knifed!!

  289. minelso torres says:

    i made urine inside of my pants

  290. Tanya Sevco says:

    I really miss those Ginsu Knives infomercials!

  291. Kem Mitch says:

    They should move Halloween to Nov.4 this year.

  292. Christopher MacDonald says:

    Sweeeet! A ‘Golden Girls’ marathon.


    Who would have thought that ‘The best of Mike Myers’ would be from SNL and not the Halloween movies. Bummer.


    Mother, stop looking out the window and come over here. The movie is about to start.


    That Chris Rock guy is so funny, he cuts me up everytime I watch him.


    Take off that mask, I told you already that we’re watching a horror movie, not the hockey game.


    Wow, that Wil Wheaton guest spot on ‘Criminal Minds’ really was creepy. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep well tonight.

  293. Sunny says:

    Do you think that is one of the RNC’s designer dresses or one of Sarah’s used ones?


    See! She is an environmentalist! That is one of her recycled dresses!

  294. Christopher MacDonald says:

    Good thing you got that tv fixed. You know that no TV and no beer make me go something something…

  295. Rob says:

    Geez, not Alien Versus Preadtor AGAIN!

  296. Rob says:

    Hey Look! It’s that Lifetime story about how we met and fell in love!

  297. Rob says:

    Geez the Je Biden guy is like a zombie…wait….that’s just John McCain.

  298. cherishwit says:

    I can’t take any more of this fear mongering!

  299. SKHI PACE says:

    “That Billy Mays is really creapy! He is always trying to rub me with his super shammy!”


    “Do you see? This is why we are in therapy! You never wanna kill for fun anymore!”


    “…And that is why you never mix electricity and water!”

  300. Mary D says:

    Freddy: “Hmmm…maybe it’s time I try Proactiv at it’s low introductory price of $19.99 or I may end up having to wear a mask like you.”

  301. liss says:

    Is it just me or does the CGI get worse each year?


    These “eat more chikin” ads bring out the worst in me.

  302. Miranda says:

    I could do that movie so much better than these so called “actors”.

  303. Gustavo says:

    “Hey! that’s my ass not the remote!”

  304. Lyn Westfall says:

    >sigh< I was so young in this episode…….

  305. Lyn Westfall says:

    Did you ever consider a career in hockey?

  306. King Bob says:

    “That guy looks nothing like me, his claws are way too short and his shirt has too many stripes.”

  307. Dana Dolence says:

    Ok, in that scene, I really think they should’ve used the camera to get my good side, don’t you? What do you mean, I “don’t have a good side”!!??

  308. Jon says:

    I don’t care what you say. The Olson twins freak me out a little.”

  309. Dana Dolence says:

    Hey, dude, that’s YOU in this movie! Can I have your autograph????

  310. Dana Dolence says:


  311. Loz says:

    Don’t run upstairs!! Don’t run upstairs!!

  312. “Man, Isn’t it ironic our own TV with ghosting reception problems?”

  313. Sean Poland says:

    “BUZZ”… Can you get my striped shirt out of the dryer before it shrinks? I just slaughtered a house full of teenagers & my claws are still wet.

  314. Elena Cervantes says:

    Michael Myers sucks!

  315. Daniel Barba says:

    Mortgage crisis… you see? thats real terror

  316. Daniel Barba says:

    This is the part when Dr House says.. you’re going to die

  317. Elena Cervantes says:

    Last year movie was better

  318. Daniel Barba says:

    “Mira que mal doblan las voces para otros países, el terror pierde sentido”

  319. Daniel Barba says:

    We really need to “get rid” of our agent

  320. liss says:

    Oh I thought of another one . . .

    Title: When Market Research Goes Home

    Thought Bubble: What we need now is a captive audience.

  321. Robert Brister says:

    “Don’t you think the mask is a bit much?”

  322. mcevil says:

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

  323. David says:

    “I want to change channels too, but do you know how hard it is to operate the remote with these things!”

  324. David says:

    “Oh no! Not Edward Scissorhands again!”

  325. Stefan says:

    …And they call me and you an Obama-nation?

  326. Svetlin says:

    “Ya, “The Simpsons” really sold out after “Treehouse of Horror IX”.”

  327. Stefan says:

    You know, when I bought these knives on TV-shop, they PROMISED me they were Stainless Steel.

  328. Mark Henry says:

    “You see, I told ya the million buck buck bucks was in suitcase number 13!”

  329. Dennis Negron says:

    Johnyy Depp’s Edward Scissorhand is nothing compared to me: Chicken Wingblades.

  330. Nathan says:

    A Scary Halloween Party

    “I can’t believe nobody showed up to our Halloween Party!”

  331. Dana Dolence says:

    Dude…you just sat on my other spikes!

  332. ceenie says:

    title : Hannah Montana

    ‘Now that is one crap your pants scary costume!’

  333. poncho says:

    “Hells Kitchen”???
    “Kitchen Nightmares”???
    Dude,what does Chef Ramsey have that i don’t? is it the accent?

  334. NunoXEI says:

    This Poultrygeist eggstravaganza is down right fowl.

  335. Crownless says:

    Titel: auditions suck

    Text: Can you believe they chose Hugh Jackman with fake claws over me?

  336. Kimberly says:

    “That Tom Cruise REALLY creeps me out!!”

  337. Eric says:

    I would rather watch TV alone in the dark.

  338. Biar says:

    Title: Remote control envey

    “It’s all reruns, anyway.”

  339. Ron says:

    “Do you have to wear that stupid mask every time we watch a hockey game?”

  340. David Gademan says:

    Gosh, Bob Campbell should run for President!

  341. Dawn says:

    These Halloween movies just don’t scare me like they used to.

  342. Paula says:

    Hey Jason;
    Look at Michaels knife skills since he went to culinary school.

  343. Gaz says:

    “These soap operas are just too frightening these days! Look at them kissing!”

  344. Cara says:

    I’m not sure how much I like “Dr.Phill-kenstien.” Young Philkenstein might be okay, though, if Mel Brooks was in it.

  345. Luke says:

    Sweet, The Matrix is on!

  346. Trudy says:

    That Brenda sure is hot!

  347. Jacob says:

    “I was only trying to return her keys. All these scenes are out of context.”

  348. Marnie says:

    Sure, Jennifer Aniston is good, but no one does a romantic comedy like Sandra Bullock.

  349. Di says:

    You know if I joined the army there’d be no reason to keep all of those other troops in Iraq.


    Can you imagine the movie Rat Race with psychopathic killers instead of the original contestans? I’d keep Mr. Bean though.


    I scratch your back you scratch mine?

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