Savage Chickens - Spy Movie

Starring Aquachicken as James Bond.

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9 Responses to Spy Movie

  1. sheala says:

    That makes so much more sense!

  2. bree says:

    Maybe I’d watch that crappy movie if it had a main character as awesome as Aquachicken… 🙂

  3. Zork says:

    I would bet that mollusks are far more plentiful than solace…
    Which begs the question, “Just what is a ‘quantum’ anyway?” Does it have anything to do with parsecs? I’m confused, I just hope there is a lot of shooting involved.
    Bang bang YAAAY!

  4. Seraphine says:

    i don’t get this one at all. have you ever read the new yorker? pretty much, every issue there’s one i don’t understand in there either. and it doesn’t do any good to explain them, because then they aren’t funny anymore.
    but don’t fret doug, it’s not you. it’s me.
    it’s always about me.
    oh wait… is that a word play on ‘quorum of mollusks?’

  5. BarefootMedia says:

    yeah, that “quantum of solace” doesn’t make sense to me either. in quantum mechanics, a quantum is a jump between electron shells. it is a a discreet unit of energy that can be stored by an atom, then released when the electron falls back to its usual shell. so what does that have to do with solace? solace lies along a linear scale, smoothly increasing or decreasing. i liked bond movies better when they were called “thunderbolt” or “goldfinger” these new ones aren’t even good word play.

  6. Niri Tacen says:

    The dictionary defines quantum as a quantity or amount, a particular amount or a share or portion.

    Solace means alleviation or comfort.

    Thus it means that Bond is getting a share of comfort.

    Of course, these days we mostly think of quantum in its physics terms, but generally take it to mean “a very small amount”.

    So the title could be interpreted as “a small amount of comfort” – which is fitting since it is a direct sequel of Casino, and Bond gets to destroy the organisation that killed his love.

  7. IDM says:

    I thought it would star James Buck-buck.

  8. Zork says:

    Yeah, Double-O Cluck would be mo’ better than AquaChicken, but I guess it might ruin the joke. Speaking of ruining jokes, NIRI, thanks for totally geeking out AND shilling for the movie. I think you might need to see the next cartoon (11/14), he he.

  9. Doug says:

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that anything can be made into a Bond villain by adding a bowler hat.

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