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26 Responses to Meh

  1. Matches Malone says:

    Educational, and fun for the whole family! Win, win!

  2. Dani says:

    Ahhh. So you’ve met my brother? Although he is usually the one at the computer.

  3. Someone says:

    That is SOOOOO true. one of my friends keeps asking me why i say “meh” and what it means

  4. michelle says:

    HA!! I love this one! I know many people who use Meh!!! Great!!!

  5. monogodo says:

    I have a T-shirt with “meh” printed on it. I was in a small bookstore wearing it, and the old woman behind the counter asked what it meant. I shrugged and said, “meh.” She said she didn’t understand. Then she asked if it was “men” misspelled. My wife and I had to control ourselves to keep from laughing in her face.

  6. Dinana says:

    You must have been talking to my teenager!

  7. Jem says:

    LOL. All I can say is, “awesome”. You know the same people I know!

  8. Chris says:

    Not even chickens want to go to Blockoland.

  9. Efogoto says:

    I’d heard that Oklahomans say that their state is OK because “mediocre” is too long.

  10. Geoff K says:

    This comic makes me pretty meh.

    Another good one, Savage.

  11. charybdis4000 says:

    I use “meh” a lot. Thanks for this educational cartoon! :] … meh.

  12. Seraphine says:

    haha i LOVE this one.

  13. pika says:

    doesn’t meh originate from singlish?
    Meh (/m??/), from Cantonese, is used to form questions expressing surprise or scepticism:

    They never study meh? – Didn’t they study? (I thought they did.)
    You don’t like that one meh? – You don’t like that? (I thought you did.)
    Really meh? – Is that really so? (I honestly thought otherwise.)

  14. Zork says:

    FINALLY, an explanation!
    (Who needed one???)
    Meh, I do actually prefer the “pika” expositition.

  15. Zork says:

    You should do a follow-up on

  16. Sheri says:

    This is my favorite all year!

  17. I love your cartoons. Who know chickens were so witty? Juicy and delicious, yes. But witty?

  18. Hypn0 says:

    Whenever anyone asks me, I just tell them it means “F*** You” in Spanish… their reaction is usually…interesting…

  19. Larry says:


    Great cartoon.

  20. jostick says:

    hahaha!!.. “meh” is like a national language @singapore ..

    you can try other terms like “Lor”, “Huh?” etc .. =P

  21. silamanajik says:

    I just say eh, meh is too much work

  22. Kathy T says:

    meh yep hear it all the time live with three teena ge boys 🙂

  23. London Lyle says:

    That’s awesome that meh is a real word… because myfriends and i say meh probably every 2 sentances! we’re literally addicted to theword…it’s so easy to pronoince and….there isn’t exatly a definition for it… meh just means MEH!!!

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