Savage Chickens - True Confessions!

Watch out for security cameras. Here are more elevators.

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21 Responses to True Confessions!

  1. JerseyBricklayer says:

    ummmm, I think its spelled krunking. like getting krunked. aka drunk

  2. HalfaMaster says:

    … When i´m alone in the elevator, i … i… Put my finger inside my nouse…

  3. Sam says:

    You continue to amaze me with your chicken humour.

    Krumping… funny to say, but painful to watch.

    (BTW great new site design.)

  4. Crucifire says:

    Dude, wud love to have more ‘global’ references.. a lot of us ain’t americans… 🙁

  5. Doug says:

    How about “When I’m alone in the lift, I practice my schuhplattling”? 😉

  6. Zork says:

    Yeah, whatthehell is krumping? Me, I still jump at the end of the ride, to try to hit the ceiling, like when I was a kid.

  7. TheLoneIguana says:

    Crucifire: I’m American, and I still don’t know what the heck that means. Even after looking it up on I’m still not sure.

  8. Nicholson says:

    now this was funny

  9. kristina says:

    People, insert any type of “dancing” for “krumping”:
    whatever turns your crank!

    and it is equally funny…

  10. Seraphine says:

    i look for cameras first,
    then i sing.

  11. belphebe says:

    Thoroughly Modern Millie! (Thoroughly Modern Chicken?)

    In the above-named movie, so many dancers practiced dancing in the hotel elevator that the only way to get it to move was to work on your tap-dance (or whatever) routine.

  12. SavageChickenNo1Fan says:

    Krumping! ^^

  13. k says:

    “schuhplattling”? Sounds like that should be done with tennis rackets on your feet!

  14. Luwano says:

    I sing in elevators too, I don’t mind singing in front of people, though. The listeners have to endure it, not me.

    Imagine a “Schuhplattling” chicken. It already looks funny when humans do it.

    BTW I’m not sure what krumping is supposed to be, even when I see it.


  15. Erica Gieras says:

    and i thought i was the only one who did that. well sometimes i do the chicken dance 😛

  16. ElevatorNinja says:

    I fart in the elevator and blame in on my boyfriend. Now I will add krumping to the mix.

  17. QueenMaureen says:

    I’m always adjusting bra-straps…damn frustrating! I’ll try krumping next time!

  18. Eric says:

    JerseyBricklayer, it actually IS called “Krumping.” Krump is an urban dance style, which was profiled in the documentary “Rize.” For more info, see:

    Crucifire, Doug is in Canada not the US. Where are you? Have you considered reading a web comic based in your neck of the woods?

  19. Toadie says:

    I must say, this krumpology thread has been very interesting.

  20. Person says:

    Here’s a video of Krumping

    Meh. Krumping doesn’t look as funny as French people doing Techtonic, but it’s still pretty funny if a chicken’s doing it.

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