Savage Chickens - Orientation

More chickens in Hell.

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14 Responses to Orientation

  1. Jeet says:

    Isn’t how you would define hell for many people?

  2. One more reason why going to hell is a bad idea.

  3. TAMMY says:

    I’m scared of this one, is that like deep fried chicken? What next chicken with wings? Oh! I get it that is where chicken wings came from! Your a little out there Doug! Smiling Tammy

  4. Erica Gieras says:

    WTF!! no wi-fi!! Now I must rethink my exit strategy.

  5. Cristina says:

    hahaha! hellish indeed to not have internet!

  6. kristina says:

    Oh my, that really would be hell to some people I know…

  7. drbahb says:

    sniff….sniff….i smell fried chicken…

  8. Trog says:

    Sounds like downtown Vancouver to me.

  9. Chris says:

    Because, of course, wi-fi is God-given.

  10. CeCe says:

    Hell probably just has dial-up internet.

  11. CruciFire says:

    ^^ Or maybe Bluetooth… or IrDa… or some earlier version of the 802 standard…

  12. czer323 says:

    haha, is this related to it’s another comic i read where the main character woke up in hell, and one of the guys was searching for wifi since he was an internet addict.

  13. sarah says:

    i had this cartoon hanging on the wall in my studio at art college, where we had no wifi. it was perfect.

  14. shahrooz says:


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