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22 Responses to Dachshund

  1. Herr Voß says:

    Actually it’s “Duck’s Hoont” 😉

  2. Ravel says:

    WHOA!!! Those chickens are bigger than that dog!!

  3. Leak says:

    It’s written “Wiener”, not “Weiner” – unless you actually made your sausage cry, then “Weiner” might even be correct…

  4. Jen says:

    Yeah and a Keeshond is a “kays-hondt” not a quiche hound! 😛

  5. lindylu says:

    a rose by any other name ….

  6. Rotts says:

    Herr Voss,

    It’s not “ducks”, it’s “dacks”. “A” in Deutsch is pronounced “ah”, not “uh”.

  7. Boston Al says:

    yea, that’s some super tiny wiener if the chickens can walk it.

  8. McFranky says:

    Yeeeah german words ftw xD

  9. Zork says:

    Vouldn’t it be pronounced “V-iener dog”?

    As in “Ah, ah–VON miniature Viener dog. TWO giant, sassy Chickens.”

  10. King Bob says:

    and people say english is the hardest language to master

  11. Oh Snap says:

    I’ve had too many people come up to me while walking my wiener and say “oh look, it’s a dash hound!”

    Wassup with that?

  12. Luwano says:

    @Rotts: In English “Duck’s” absolutely sounds like the german “Dachs”, while “Dacks” would sound like “Däks” from the comic.

    AND I think that’s part of the joke, guys.

    AND Weiner is the funny version of wiener, Leak.

    AND stop correcting Savage Chicken cartoons! Did you forget the Tatooine Incident?

    AND Funny cartoon Doug. Something for your German fans, thank you!


  13. Amber says:

    Once again, Doug, you are writing my life.

  14. Erickson Leon says:

    @King Bob: Actually people usually say that english is the easiest language to master… (no, they don’t read literature).
    Here (south Brazil) people like to eat “wiener” with bread. (Yes, they say it that way, but write “Vina”). But there aren’t “vina” dogs, here they are called “sausage” (sausicha) dogs.

  15. Crucifire says:

    I shall refer this to PETA.. they will raid ur house and TAKE YOU DOWN..

  16. Suzie says:

    I saw this posted on the daily dachshund too funny!

  17. sagman says:

    It should say nice dog weiner…LOL

  18. moo says:

    @ Erickson Leon, no actually you are wrong. Many people do typically agree that english is one of the harder languages to master (after latin and other such ‘dead’ languages.

  19. aws says:

    It’s actually pronounced, “VEE-ner” :))

  20. Peter Wolff says:

    If you’d call your badger hound (the literal translation) “Teckel” (another less common German synonym of “Dackel”), the joke would’t work. Teckel sounds about the same according to German and English proninciation rules.

    (Just the problem of the order of two letters – you might think it was spelled “teckle”)

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