Savage Chickens - Fever

I’ve still got the flu, but I was stubbornly determined to draw a cartoon for today anyway! Thanks to everyone for the Get Well Soon messages and flu recovery tips. You people are so nice!

Here are some more happy trees.

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28 Responses to Fever

  1. Ax says:

    Hehehe Get well really soon! We all want you and the chickens back!

  2. Framtonm says:

    Yes please recover! Soon!
    Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia!

  3. Luwano says:

    And they’ve come to cheer him up!

    Get well soon!


  4. Cristina says:

    Get well soon Doug! Missed your humor while you were ill. Love this one, by the way.

  5. dirty d says:

    We’re not nice, we’re addicts, and our drug of choice is chicken. Sorry ur still under the weather, but I am going into the DT’s and need some good stuff soon….get well!!

  6. RM Pitts says:

    Feel better and those “Happy Trees”—I don’t trust them. Never Have.

  7. Mike T says:

    The happy trees I’m seeing are telling me to burn my office down, ha ha.
    To get rid of that nasty flu you should eat a goat, at least that’s what vikings always do.

  8. ramonathepest says:

    I hope your fever isn’t that severe……get well soon.

  9. lindylu says:

    I see you are not yet on the road to recovery.

  10. Tatum says:

    awwwww… Get well soon Doug!

  11. RACHEL says:

    GET WELL SOON, DOUG!!! WE LOVE YOU AND THE CHICKENS.(Bird flu?) Did you try the whiskey and hot tea?

  12. Zork says:

    Little does he suspect that those are really the ANGRY trees!

  13. Seraphine says:

    just because others can’t see them
    doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

    **get well soon, doug!**

  14. Daisy says:

    Hahaha. Wait, I thought they were angry trees. Get better 🙂

  15. Dani says:

    I’m with Zork & Daisy. Those are totally angry smiles.

    I say the best way to get rid of the flu is to give it to somebody else! Prod would be an acceptable choice. (Hang in there)

  16. Shannon says:

    Feel better soon. I hope you are getting plenty of rest. Don’t worry about us so much, worry about yourself. While we may enjoy reading about what those pesky chickens are doing now we are more concerned about you getting well.

  17. Britt Verstegen says:

    Get well soon! Thank you for continuing to post da’ chickens! I love those little cluck-clucks.

  18. charybdis4000 says:

    Get well soon, Doug! It’s better to read about chickens than hearing roosters in the mornings.

    Maybe you can ask the happy trees if they have any remedies you can use.

  19. kate from Scotland says:

    miss out on the whiskey – the real stuff is whisky from Scotland. In truth though it just knocks you out for a while and then you feel worse when you wake up…oh you noticed? Just take it easy.

  20. SWR says:

    My 1st comment but have been an avid fan forever-

    get well – you are my guaranteed ‘daily smile’!


  21. AussiePeta says:

    Thanks for keeping on publishing – your selflessness is surely rewarded in this long list of best wishes.
    I add mine for a speedy recovery.

  22. Aud says:

    HAHAHA~!!! GOOD one! You take care of yourself, Doug (one can only go so long without a daily ‘cluck’)!

  23. ROFLMAO!

    Reminds me of a time when I was getting a little delirious myself… no Happy Trees, though there MIGHT have been chickens…
    Random Chicken Fact: They WILL jump onto your head to sleep for the night if it is the highest available perch in the room.

  24. d3b0 says:

    Bwaaaaack! Get well soon!

  25. mimi says:

    rest well. we can (try to)live without chickens for a few days until u get better!

    *come on ppl. go play with ur fingers until doug gets well!*

    get well soonnnnn!

  26. NZMonkey says:

    Get well soon Doug!
    Plenty of chicken soup?

    @ shanadian(eliannrad):
    HOW do you know that??

  27. Lizzie says:

    I agree with Zork, those are clearly smiles of HATE.

    But I’ll give you a smile of LOVE. I’m glad you’re getting better!

  28. Patti Hall says:

    I never saw chickens but I did see little ants flying by.

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