And here’s an old doodle I found stuck in my sketchbook, based on the classic movie poster:

Savage Chickens - Clockwork Archie

Hopefully I’ll be able to shake this fever and get back to cartooning tomorrow!

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16 Responses to Doodle: Clockwork Archie

  1. dirty d says:

    feel better Doug!

  2. Thomas says:

    Get well soon! Your doodles are great, but I think we’re all hankerin’ for some chicken!

  3. Momz says:

    chicken soup will heal you

  4. Ricky Rew says:

    Hmm – recommending Chicken soup seems a little inappropriate given the content of the site ;o)

    Hope you shake it off soon…
    Take it easy.

  5. Kj says:

    Hey, Doug! Get well soon! 🙂 Say a definitive “no” to running nose and others ;]

  6. Mike T says:

    The human kind, sooner or later, will turn their heads back, looking at your doodles and they all will say, that was a real Doodle, we will remeber you as a real chicken hero Doug, we’ll tell your legend, ha ha ha, Get WeLL SooN Doug !!

  7. lindylu says:

    Yipes! Your doodles are almost as scary as “Family Circus!!” Take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning.

  8. Tricia says:

    Great advice Momz,,chicken soup will help. It might even help the economy, who knows? Get better soon Doug,,we all are hooked on your chickens & neeeeeed them every day.

  9. Lorelei says:

    Coming from you, shouldn’t that be Cluckwork …?
    Get well soon!!

  10. ed says:

    Tamiflu to the rescue !
    That is a fairly freaky Archie. Ok., where’s Jughead, and at this point, Reggie, what’s he the comic relief?

  11. Angela says:

    That is hilarious! I love it!

  12. Seraphine says:

    sorry about the fever.
    and betty was always more grounded than veronica, appropos of nothing.

  13. TAMMY says:

    Remember to drink lots of liquids! We need you feeling better! Having Chicken withdraw?

  14. Ax says:

    Get better soon! I’m having withdrawals myself. The world is a better place because of your chickens!

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