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More Aquachicken.

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8 Responses to Small Talk

  1. Mike T says:

    The prophecies were true ! Aquachicken is back … such a shame he is so lame and poor, ha ha ha.

  2. Part Time Ninja says:

    He works hard for the money.
    So hard for the money.

  3. Zork says:

    I love AquaChicken, but he must not be very bright…I can think of at least half a dozen good-paying jobs where that would be practically the ONLY skill you’d need on your resume.

  4. Seraphine says:

    underwater chicken has it right. reverse evolvement will save life on this planet. i’m going to hold a wet napkin against my neck until my body evolves gills for breathing, and then i’m going to live in the sea too.

  5. Tigerlilly says:

    Heh… SoCal chicks…

  6. Greg says:

    El Pollo Del Mar

  7. Luwano says:

    As a true hero he does not aim for money! Stop nagging at him!


  8. Afrique says:

    Seraphine, the handkerchief would have dried out before your body even figures out that ur neck is wet!! XD

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