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More pet rock.

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22 Responses to Rocks

  1. steve says:


    It could be a pet rock, with a small seagull flying in front of it.

    thanks again

    : )

  2. Lorelei says:

    Women everywhere will want to try to tame him!!!

  3. Vijay says:

    Whoa! Wild, Untamed Rock looks like De Niro a little bit.

  4. René says:

    Brilliant! Beware of the wild, untamed rock! Great way to start the day 🙂

  5. maggy says:

    simple awesomeness.


  6. Aimee says:

    This reminds me before and after…COFFEE.

  7. katrin says:

    you made my day, thank you doug! i hope we are going to have chickens soon again in on of our issues. awesome!

  8. Mike T says:

    OMG !! Pet Rock !! , It literarly rocks !!I Missed it so much, now it strikes back, and wilder and untamed than ever before, Scientist were trying to look for the Missing Rock link, now their search is finally Over !!
    Another one Rocks the Dust !

  9. George says:

    I worry about pet rocks. I’ve heard there’s a plan to release them back into the wild, but I question the effectiveness of this. Many species, upon release, can no longer adapt, and therefore do not survive. I fear many of these poor tamed rocks will wind up in roadbeds or cemented into patios.

  10. TAMMY says:

    Doug, What about the Graffiti rock? Is that a pet rock, or from the wild untame rock? Just asking, I got my SMILE for the day! Thank you!

  11. Boston Al says:

    the wild one is sexy!

  12. Zork says:

    Whoa–that’s valuable info, Doug…wouldn’t want to make the mistake of petting that wild, untamed rock.
    Especially wouldn’t want to attempt the cleavage test on such a rock! Phew!

  13. Seraphine says:

    most wild, untamed rocks are harmless if you leave them be. the problem is people like to agitate rocks and sticks and stones, and they get “bit” by them.
    Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone.
    (unless, you accidentally step on one or something: when cornered, rocks can be dangerous. also, don’t try to pet a baby rock when it’s mother is nearby)

  14. lindylu says:

    Well, rocks never should have been tamed in the first place!! What were the rock tamers thinking, anyway? Next thing you know the rocks will be on the endangered species list… people, people, people…

  15. LOL Never before have I needed a good laugh so badly and actually gotten one!

  16. Ell says:

    That was funny 😛

  17. Mike T says:

    Also, it is said that if an untamed wild Rock bites you, from that on, every full moon you will turn into a wererock !! just like werwolf but less hairy !!

  18. J Busby says:

    I NEED a wild, untamed rock! Thanks for doodling.

  19. justastranger says:

    Gotta catch em all!! 😀

  20. Bobby says:

    the wild untamed rock might need a slap on the nose…that oughta teach ’em 🙂

  21. danineteen says:

    the pet rock should be smoother, and the wild rock should have sharper, jagged edges

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