Savage Chickens - Shroomba

More handy inventions.

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12 Responses to Shroomba

  1. B42 says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only one tripping this morning 🙂

  2. jen c says:

    i always wondered what my roomba was thinking!

  3. Mike T says:

    talking about handy and useful, I’ll certainly get one of those and one woolverine action figure, ha ha, when is it coming out Doug? I hope any soon because I´m running out of queen latifah hallucinations !!

  4. Zork says:

    I don’t know if I should be sad or mad that the robot’s imagination is so much more vivid than mine! But I still want one.

  5. el_fedora says:

    You just cracked the problem of Roomba’s bizrre cleaning/beeping behaviour!
    Nicely Done Doug!

  6. Seraphine says:

    can i trade my husband for one of those?

  7. Trog says:

    Well…this explains why it goes around in circles and takes longer to clean your place than a regular vacuum.

  8. leigh says:

    hahahahahahahgflghfhJGEHJGED!!! wow, this one made me fart. awesome 🙂

  9. I just have to express my opinion of this: =D

  10. Lisa says:

    Do Roombas dream of electric sheep?

  11. mary says:

    your cartoons have been right on target with my since of humor and my life this week! radical!

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