Savage Chickens - A Little Quiet Time

More noise.

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25 Responses to A Little Quiet Time

  1. wondercheese says:

    Wow, perfect capture of college dorm/apartment life! Hmm, my neighbors have the bass going now…

  2. Boston Al says:

    Pure brilliance.

  3. Boston Al says:

    and not to mention the inner voice!

  4. darina says:

    haha! definitely true!

  5. Natakue says:

    If that chicken was lying in bed trying to sleep, that would be my life every night…sigh…

  6. Mike T says:

    And that would be me trying to get some sleep in the bus last night while coming back home

  7. Zork says:

    All fiscal arguments aside, this is why I bought a HOUSE. Still have barking dogs in my little neighborhood though…I may have to move into an isolated Una-bomber style shack.
    Nothing will make you hate humanity more than living in an apartment building.

  8. K says:

    Ahh, the sounds of nature.

  9. karina says:

    I have that exact issue except add in the pack of wild dogs howling and people vacuuming at 11 PM.

  10. George says:

    Yes, and try getting some quiet time at the library. You’ll be blasted by cell phones, computer audio beeps, parents screaming at their children, and old people who can’t hear unless the librarian yells at them. Makes a person want to live on the moon.

  11. Marrock says:

    So you have my apartment under surveillance?

    Though, you managed to miss the drunk idiots hanging around outside the bar across the street.

  12. Desdaemona says:

    Dude! I didn’t know the chickens lived in my neighborhood!

  13. BarefootMedia says:

    that poor chicken needs noise canceling headphones, that would fix the bleary stare!

  14. Seraphine says:

    i think you can buy recordings of background noise if it gets too quiet.
    And some chickens need noise to sleep too.

  15. Mallory says:

    The gates to the apartment complex I’m at have not been greased and every time someone comes in and out the screech is horrible. Sadly, my bedroom window faces the gates. Sleeping is more of a goal than anything else.

  16. neworleans4ever says:

    Sadly, if the bass is loud enough that your entire apartment is vibrating, noise cancellation headphones can’t help with that. *sigh*

  17. Slim says:

    Readers… Hah! What about us poor writers?

  18. Aud says:

    Do you live on my block, Doug? ‘Cus this is eerily accurate…

  19. kate dickie says:

    I can only think that my new upstairs neighbours are teaching their Staffordshire bull terrier puppy to clog dance to 2am trance music.

  20. Ada says:

    You’d think living in a house is better, but there’s the next door neighbour who likes to mow his lawn/shovel the walk at odd hours like 11 pm or 7 am on a Sunday…

    that said, I’m the person who’s wearing noise-cancelling headphones in the quiet study section of the library because the furnace hum is too loud 😛

  21. Antonio says:

    Reading is all about concentrating… on your daydreams while subconsciously absorbing the book. 🙂

  22. Josh says:

    Wow, when were you in my old apartment?

    Of course in my current apartment, I can hear my neighbors… being amorous. Like last night, when I was trying to sleep. Ugh.

  23. Eric Smith says:

    That was exactly how I felt trying to do an online final exam for one of my classes yesterday. As soon as I started, two housemates arrived, turned on the TV, and both started talking on their cell phones, despite my having told them I was trying to take the exam. Sigh.

  24. Gaia says:

    Neighbors, we can’t live without them! rs
    Hugs from Brazil

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