Savage Chickens - The Art of Skateboarding

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32 Responses to The Art of Skateboarding

  1. Jens says:

    Awesome! Intellectual, surreal, and funny!

  2. steve says:

    Nice one Doug.

    Need to edit the Wikipedia page to include your cartoon:é_Magritte

    : )

  3. Aud says:

    HAHA~XD! WELL-played, Doug.

  4. maggy says:

    ceci n’est pas un chicken about to break their spine!

  5. Guillaume says:

    Excellente idée ! Bravo

  6. Steve II says:

    Heh – I actually just took an art appreciation type class last year, so yeah I’m probably among the like 1% of readers who actually got the joke without having to go to the Wiki link 😉

  7. Mike T says:

    ha ha ha, How did you decided to include a Sakteboarding half pipe in your cartoons, was Doug a skater?, is he a skater? or was it all a dream?, ha ha, you really amazed me, now we don´t know what will come next, ha ha, have a nice weekend.

  8. Dinana says:

    “To boldly go where no chicken has gone before…” GREAT! Happy Friday all!

  9. Zuzax says:

    I love these rare times when having a degree in art actually gives me an insight.

  10. King Bob says:

    no offense doug, but can you translate that in to english?

  11. Keith says:

    Wow! The most erudite cartoon in recent memory. Well played, sir.

  12. Frenchy says:

    “ceci n’est pas une” – this is not a

  13. King Bob says:

    so there is no spoon?

  14. At first, I thought, “If that’s not a half-pipe, what is?” THEN I understood. ^_^

    ça m’amuse beaucoup, mon cher ami!

  15. Seraphine says:

    if buffalo had wings,
    they could half-pipe too.

  16. rachel says:

    Thanks Doug for the education!!! I’ve learned so much from your chickens about art and psych.
    (If I don’t get the joke I have to read the wikipedia page or It’ll bug me all day that I didn’t get the joke)
    Need another Trek Chicken to celebrate the new movie!!

  17. Rachel says:

    I’m having flashbacks to senior English class…Plato’s Form Theory is all coming back to me in confusing bits and pieces.

  18. oliver says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
    best. cartoon. ever.
    this would deserve a far more erudite comment but i’m laughing far too hard to think straight
    The apprentice stared at the glowing screen for hours but when he witnessed the master’s newest graphical koan he laughed his a§§ off and was enlightened.
    only you could so succintly combine slapstick, intelectual AND meta-humour
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant

  19. Ada says:

    Ceci c’est une bande dessinée géniale!

  20. Ada says:

    also, is the skateboard smiling?

  21. Luwano says:

    The closest thing to a worthy compliment on this brilliant cartoon:



  22. 3v11 says:

    I don’t think you need degree in art to understand this comics.

    Also, one of the best I’ve ever read. Simply awesome, magnificiant etc.
    And I LOVED smiling skateboard.

  23. Hober says:


    (Still funny though. Plus I much prefer your work.)

  24. Mary says:

    Thank you, thank you. Comics like this make my day.

  25. René says:

    Sorry, for once i was like “ive seen this before”, as one before me so nicely linked the 5 year old wulfmorgethaler comic. But don’t worry – you’re still the man… or chicken.. you know what I mean. Love ya (and i do love chicken, very tasty).

  26. Zork says:

    ceci n’est pas une commente.

  27. Neil says:


  28. Cari says:

    Rene Magritte would be proud.

  29. alex says:

    yesss….my trip to the art institute of chicago paid off.

  30. Tanner says:

    wut is this ahhahahah 🙂

  31. Matt says:

    I love it! Classic

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