Savage Chickens - Autumn

Here’s some snow, kid.

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13 Responses to Autumn

  1. steve says:

    shouldn’t it be a Snow/Leaf Chicken?

    : )

  2. Aud says:

    Yeah, so does nature.

  3. dave says:

    I think there’s an almost identical strip in Calvin & Hobbes… congrats anyway.

  4. Chris says:

    In New England, he’d probably be able to build a snowman before too long.

  5. Tim Canny says:

    You think that’s bad? This summer I built a sandman and it put me to sleep for my whole vacation!

  6. Amy says:

    what a great way to trick the kid into raking the leaves!

  7. Seraphine says:

    i love leaf men. when my neighbor’s leaf piles get big enough, i run through them at night. i fall on the leaf men, roll around on them, kick them until they are spread all over the yard. it’s a rite of autumn.

  8. On the past few comics, you forgot to put the corner art on the top panel… It’s still funny though.

  9. Capt. Obvious says:

    It’s true, Autumn does kinda suck until you are big enough to have to shovel the damn snow instead of just playing in it. I’m getting angry just *thinking* about shoveling. Youth! totally wasted on the young.

  10. agaia says:

    In Rio de Janeiro when we go to the beach, we build sandman and castle.
    Hugs from Brazil!

  11. Keith says:

    No, no no – fall is Wicker Man season.

  12. Carson says:

    That is strangely similar to a certain Calvin and Hobbes…

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