Savage Chickens - Goodbye Earth

Dedicated to Jessica, who told me that yesterday was National Punctuation Day.

Here are more Useless Mutants.

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25 Responses to Goodbye Earth

  1. Aud says:

    A hero after my own heart…
    ..well, no more Earth means no more people to continue screwing it over, right…?

  2. Tom says:

    Excellent! Many earthlings empathize with the aliens, especially when corrected on our grammar in meetings. It ain’t usually a big deal…

  3. Ignacio says:

    Punctuationman is my hero!

  4. ramonathepest says:

    my hero

  5. ed says:

    I Hate! Punctuation! Man……..
    Cant y’ll tell.?

  6. lindylu says:

    !!! — !!!, !

  7. :) says:

    yesterday was also Aruther Guinness Day – far more important!

  8. :) says:

    Really? Aruther? Epic Fail. Above should be spelled “Arthur” – it’s still early….

  9. Tony Bond says:

    Not PunctuationChicken?

    Earthlings meddling in ET affairs!!!!?
    What’s Doug done now?

    Goodbye cruel world


  10. PG says:

    Its such a shame their will be no more of you’re antics now that Earth is definately suppose to be gone.

  11. CMunk says:

    I love the semicolon on his chest 😀

  12. Jon says:

    Needed “GrammarMan”

    “What are you up to?” Ending in a preposition is such bad form …

    Or how about lift up your head … are your going to lift down your head …

    In the Summer …. versus … During the summer … in is positions, during is temporal …

    That should get your creative juices flowing towards a few panels ….

  13. belphebe says:

    He really is a useless mutant! He has a semi-colon on his costume!

    Well, at least one person appreciates him!

  14. clydene says:

    YES! YES! YES!

    Punctuationman needs to also take on his arch nemesi or nemeses of:


    What about the use of the SEMI COLON!


    You Know Who

  15. Seraphine says:

    punctuationman, is *not* a useless, mutant; he’s, my hero!!!

  16. spidey says:

    Yay! Punctuation! You make this grammar geek linguist happy. 🙂 Only way it could be better is if you had a pirate grammarian!

    Jon- Ending with a preposition? “This is the sort of impertinence up with which I will not put.” (Gotta love Churchill.)

  17. Tigerlilly says:

    That’s really funny… Punctuationman’s hidden secret power must be the ability to actually read what people say.

  18. shanadien says:

    This cartoon makes my year. I want this on a shirt.

  19. agreeingwithshanadein says:

    Yes, please get this on a tshirt, i would love it!!

  20. Nombre says:

    Punctuation Man is special because he can *hear* the incorrect punctuation.

  21. Vernon says:

    Have you read Facebook, Twitter or texting. That would be one overworked hero..

  22. shahrooz says:


  23. Samuel says:

    I love how cartoon characters can read each others speech bubbles

  24. LizzieMay says:

    Say you got an “I”,”T”
    Followed by apostrophe, “s”
    Now what does that mean?
    You would not use “it’s” in this case
    As a possessive
    It’s a contraction
    What’s a contraction?
    Well, it’s the shortening of a word, or a group of words
    By the omission of a sound or letter

    Weird Al, Word crimes.

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