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13 Responses to Best Movie Ever

  1. steve says:

    lol, Giant Steampunk Orangutan!

    it’s good to see David Caruso is branching out from fighting crime these days.

    : )

  2. Luwano says:

    I’m scared by the plans for the next Spider-Man movie. A giant monkey wouldn’t be such a bad thing, considering the other possible ways to ruin the movie….


  3. Keith says:

    Buscemi FTW!

  4. mark says:

    ummmm…I would actually like to see this movie….

  5. Chris says:

    Glad to see some love for Steve Buscemi!

  6. Brett says:

    “C’mon! Can’t I wear the black suit?!? … But I want to be Mr. Black!”

  7. ghostcrab says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing 1930s setting of superheroes – that could be kind of fun. And steampunk is just win, even if it’s attached to a giant orangutan. 😀

  8. Max says:

    They already made this movie–they called it “wild wild west”.

  9. Wildbird says:

    Who should be the next villian SPIDERMAN faces VULTURE,RHINO,BEETLE?

  10. double meaning says:

    If they hire more than three scriptwriters, maybe more than three people will find new spiderman interesting.

  11. double meaning says:

    I see here, some potential candidates for the job.

  12. BalamQas says:

    More Steampunk please! 😀

  13. Andre says:


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