Savage Chickens - Tragedy Averted

More Hamlet.

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23 Responses to Tragedy Averted

  1. steve says:

    lol, hamlet/scooby doo cross over, awesome.

    Doug, you crack me up everyday.

    : )

  2. E says:

    ++ for Scooby team design!
    Keep on rocking!

  3. samreen says:

    lolzzzzzzzzzzz GOOD ONE

  4. red says:

    That’s brilliant dude. It makes my coffee great.

  5. Scott Parker says:

    Oh those Saturday morning memories just keep flooding back! Thanks for the laughs Doug.

  6. Mary says:

    I love it when toons share strips! LOL!

  7. Ignacio says:

    Hahahaha! Love it xD

  8. Janouk says:

    Haha, this is great stuff as usual! 😀

  9. Crow says:

    Now THAT’s the way to make Shakespeare relevant to today’s youth! (And not that far off from some productions I’ve seen …)

  10. Tony Bond says:

    Just in time for a Scooby Snack…


    takes me back.. I had one of those Mystery Machine battery operated Van toys…

    and my Scooby Lunch Box…

    And, why is Scoob so “Depressed”?…
    Look at him, he’s miserable….


  11. Luwano says:

    Funny twist brings twisted fun. Great one Doug!

    I love the ghost chicken mask.


  12. jessajune says:

    Wow. I always enjoy Savage Chickens, but this is my FAVORITE EVER. Shakespeare & Scooby Doo. Nice.

  13. Tim says:

    You know we got a mystery to solve, so Guildenstern get ready for your act — don’t hold back!

  14. Kate says:

    Oh, that just made my day!

  15. Wildbird says:


  16. double meaning says:

    Sometimes kids are not so easily scared and fooled like us adults, then we tach them otherwise. I used to think Scooby Do is boring and repetative, and now, I think differently.
    I might get myself a dog, they have a keen sense of smell.

  17. froggy says:

    very nice. taking the yolk one step further with “AVENGE ME OMLETTE”

  18. shixilun says:

    Why is “Norway” a tag? Didn’t this take place in Denmark?

  19. Doug says:

    @shixilun Ya “Hamlet” takes place mostly in Denmark, but the character Fortinbras is the prince of Norway!

  20. that one guy says:

    This is hilarious. My English class is just starting to read Hamlet, so I think I’m going to show this comic to my teacher. Made my day 😀

  21. TayFinch says:

    This is THE GREATEST SC ever. Just wanted to say so…

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