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Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. Beat the rush and buy your Guinness today!

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14 Responses to Ireland

  1. steve says:

    lol, nice one. but has anything else come out of Ireland, other than Guinness and Riverdance?

    : )

  2. Kees says:

    Nuns and missionaries.

  3. Branagh says:

    Guinness is majically delicious !!!

  4. Emmet says:

    will you accept whiskey? We invented it Scots stole it 🙂 oh and a few other music groups that we are very, very sorry for

  5. Crow says:

    Owww. Now THAT was savage!

  6. George says:

    If I were Ireland, I’d distance myself from Riverdance, too. In fact, I’d distance myself from Riverdance even if I were Germany, France, Italy, or anyplace else.

  7. Thomas says:

    Potatoes and Leprechauns

  8. Crow says:

    Hey, what’s with the Riverdance hate? Believe me, if you’ve ever tried step dance, it’s TOUGH to get it as synchronized as they do. Sure is a lot more interesting to watch than Scottish Step dancing, I say.

  9. JSM says:

    Just because something is hard to do, it doesn’t automatically make it entertaining to watch.

  10. Susan M. Smith says:

    Let us reflect upon what Ireland has given to us…several poets, writers, whiskeys, potato dishes, seafood dishes, limericks, humour, family, faith, hope, and life despite the Brits and Scotts efforts to eradicate us from Mother Earth…Erin Go Bragh. 😉

  11. George says:

    “Riverdance” is hated because it’s a true cultural heritage that’s had the truth kicked out of it.

  12. R.E. de Leon says:

    C.S. Lewis

  13. Bree C says:

    It shouldn’t say ‘not affiliated’ it should say ‘gratefully sorry for’. Though Riverdance was born of out of trying to entertain the European masses that watch Eurovision so I suppose you could just blame them 🙂

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