Savage Chickens - Pumpkin

Happy Halloween Week!

Be sure to stop by this weekend because I’ll be announcing the contest winners on Halloween – you can enter the contest right up until Saturday night.

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14 Responses to Pumpkin

  1. moi says:

    this explains half my artschool years!!

  2. Looks like he carved his way out from inside the pumpkin. Now thats abstract.

  3. steve says:

    lol, insert smashing pumpkins joke here…

    : )

  4. Mike says:

    nice, i often see pumpkins on people’s porches and want to do the same thing

  5. Raquel says:

    Don’t ask me why, but it looks like a pirate chicken fought hard with a pumpkin and the pumpkin lost. 🙂

  6. Raquel says:

    You need to do “Pumpkin Head Chicken” tomorrow. lol.

  7. SHAKO says:

    dude these are absolutely terrific keep doin what your doin

  8. lindylu says:

    OR, “How Jackson Pollock Got His Start”

  9. Steph says:

    Really this is just boondoggle…Nah, I jus’ wanted to use that word… 😀

  10. willwot says:

    As opposed to abstract neo-expressionistic pumpkin carving where the stem is always left on the the greater part of the pumpkin.

  11. kev says:

    I see a pumpkin who has been freed from the prison of its gourd form with an act that could be described as violent, but also one that provides the friction necessary to spark creativity and instigate the freeflow of energy from animal to vegetable.

    Either that or a cartoonist who identifies a little too closely with a broken-hearted Linus Van Pelt.

  12. Aud says:

    HA..!! That looks like a machete instead of a traditional kitchen knife. The chicken looks pleased with itself. A fine job done, I guess?

  13. How says:


    I see an artist that has broken through a social etiquette and the frustration that derives from abiding to it.

    He chooses to take a national pastime past its usual limits, to a point where it has become almost unrecognisable, symbolising the modern corruption of ancient rituals.

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