Savage Chickens - Halloween Contest 2010

Time for the annual Halloween contest! Complete this cartoon and you could win Savage Chickens mugs:
– First prize: 4 mugs
– Second prize: 2 mugs
– Third prize: 1 mug

To enter, tell me what the chicken is saying in the above cartoon. You can add your entry (or entries) to the comments here, or send it to me using my contact formUPDATE: Winners announced!

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582 Responses to Halloween Contest 2010

  1. patricw says:

    “I’ll have a BLT toad.”

  2. Joe says:

    No, it’s supposed to be a Senator! Can I just have my ice cream cone?

  3. Maya says:

    One large onion rings of power, please.

  4. Witch burger, charcoal grilled, please. Hold the onions

  5. Comicon? What do you mean. I should smite thee.

  6. Renee says:

    “Can I borrow this?”

  7. Chaaarly says:

    The room is clean now !

  8. Jordan says:

    Not even a free cookie? You know what ‘trick or treat’ means, right? I’ll give you a moment to reconsider.

  9. octavian says:

    Witch burger do I want?

  10. Michaela says:

    …and no leeches.
    I want to keep my slim figure.

  11. Madli says:

    A Newtburger to go, please. Eyes extra crunchy.

  12. Dan says:

    What do you mean, I can’t have eye of newt on my chicken burger?

  13. pera says:

    Hi my name is Kiki, someone here ordered two meals from BurgerKing.

  14. Tom K says:

    …and then I turned him into a newt! True story! So what have you been up to since high school?

  15. Iouri says:

    Hi gentle fellow, I am here to take you with me in my quest and make you leave your miserable condition… No, just kiddin’! One hamburger please.

  16. Deen says:

    “I’m not a witch, I’m you!”

  17. Huhnbeauftragter says:

    Super-Size! And no diet Coke. It’s for Hansel.

  18. Iouri says:

    Why Andy? Why did you always refuse to be a druid, like your father?

  19. Zyll says:

    I would like the Haunted Happy Meal and an icecream with evil sprinkles.

  20. MaxStone says:

    I’ll have a McSandwitch.

  21. Orkahm52 says:

    …and the Diet Toil and Trouble in a to-go cup, thanks.

  22. Abschaum says:

    “Yes, mate. I am now a sorcerer. And you still working for KFC… obviously!”

  23. Joe Vince says:

    “No, I would not like a splash of water with that!!”

  24. RG says:

    The McChicken.

  25. Marco says:

    One supersized Grilled Witch Burger menu with Toad-juice, please.

  26. Huhnbeauftragter says:

    Your costume is a bit of a stretch…

  27. Anthony says:

    Trick or treat?

  28. Michael Busse says:

    … a bloody McGyver with BlairWitch fries, a diet PotterCoke and 6 Savage Chicken McNuggets, please!

  29. Åge says:

    “Chicken burger with… eggs!”

  30. Dragos says:

    Extra garlic, please.

  31. Kah Kheng says:

    Give me the most wicked burger you have! Wait, just make that a chicken burger.

  32. Silviu says:

    Ashes to ashes,
    Witch to employee,
    Prepare a Cheeseburger to me!!

    And one for my colleague. Fries too. Thank you!

  33. Yoav says:

    “Fair is fowl, and fowl is fair:
    Hover through the fog and filthy air.
    A drum, a drum!
    Macbethnugget doth come”

  34. Dan says:

    Yes, I do mind sweeping the floor!

  35. Ana Costa says:

    I would like a chickenfingerburger with extra blood sauce… or I will turn you into a frog

  36. Kniget says:

    I always wanted one of those “wet floor” signs to go with my broom.

  37. Kniget says:

    I’d be much less scary a mascot than a clown.

  38. Branagh says:

    Yes, a side of flies. But hold the salt.

  39. miskurat says:

    Four burgers, please.
    And one onion ring to rule them all.

  40. Kniget says:

    Stare and you’ll be flipping burgers in an eye-blink.

  41. Julian says:

    A Wiccanburger please. Hold the newt’s eyes.

  42. Tobias says:

    Sorry, you never graduated from Hogwarts, Harry! One Muggle-Burger please!

  43. Abschaum says:

    “The meal is for free or i transform you into the 6-wings-box!”

  44. Kniget says:

    Just fries. Burned flesh makes me queasy.


    Just fries. Burned flesh gives me nightmares.

  45. Lars says:

    What do you mean I can’t pay with spell cheque?

  46. Jacob Share says:

    Here are some ideas:

    “My broomstick runs on old cooking oil. Can I get any?”

    “Do you guys have a fly-thru counter?”

    “If you forget the popcorn chicken, I’ll turn you into some.”

  47. Jacob Share says:

    Just thought of another one- “What do you have in cauldron size?”

  48. faz says:

    “Hi, I’m the new cleaning Lady”

  49. Barwin says:

    One veggie-burger, on the fly!

  50. I don’t know which is scarier, finding a time traveling broom on Halloween, or seeing myself working at Burger King.

  51. Psychojo says:

    “I just finished cleaning up your mess. Check the zombies better next time.”

  52. Sam Juan says:

    You guys hiring? With this economy, I need something to do in the off-season.

  53. Vlad says:

    Burger for me and a donut for my broom

  54. Ovidiu says:

    Yes, I’d like flies with that

  55. DarkHawke says:

    I have a trademark on all uses of the word “witch.” You owe me $50 billion.

  56. Rafe says:

    … and a little dog, too.

  57. Alex says:

    “Veggie Halloween?!”

  58. Sam says:

    “I’ll get one Cornburger, my pretty, and your little dog, too!…….
    MWWHeee Heee Heee!”

  59. Denise says:

    Can I have flies with that…. sorry I meant fries

  60. SlimeSmile says:

    “I get it! You’re supposed to be a baseball player!”

  61. Micuik says:

    What do you mean you don’t sell deep fried toads? I guess I’ll take a medium boiled cat, hold the peppers.

  62. Nancy says:

    Would you like to look like a toad? Get me my order of frog fries!

  63. Karen De Rulle says:

    I’ll have some eye of newt; I’m flying tonight.

  64. havban says:

    “one sand-witch with extra spells, please”

  65. Jess says:


    (Secondary bubble)
    Sorry if I scared you… I’ll take it to go.

  66. kate says:

    “….. with extra eye of newt but hold the pilot’s thumb. And a skinny non dairy latte to go!”

  67. Kniget says:

    You complain?! Try flaying newts for a living.

  68. “BOK! BOK! BOK!”

    What? It’s a chicken!

  69. Anthony says:

    Now which parts exactly go into McNuggets?

  70. Len says:

    You can’t go wrong with barbeque burger in Salem. Am I right:)

  71. Joshua says:

    I’ve just left Salem to go to Barbados, can I get my order to go? Yes, this broom has cup holders.

  72. marcintosh says:

    I’d like a Hansel and Gretel combo with fries and a Diet Coke, please.

  73. xinpheld says:

    “I’ll have a HanselBurger, extra plump, and a side of ladyfingers. And no, I don’t want breadcrumbs with that.”

  74. Marcelo Gouveia says:

    Looking for someone to do the cleaning shop?

  75. Joshua says:

    See, son? This is why you should’ve stayed in school. Look at your cousin Harry, he went to Hogwarts.

  76. Wait, can I try again?

    (no text in bubble–this text under comic) Things did not turn out as McCluckies had hoped at this year’s Mute Easter Bunny Costume Contest.

  77. Jacob Share says:

    Or a rewrite: “Cauldron-size me”

  78. Teayourself says:

    Do i need fries with that ?

  79. Brabra says:

    Are you kidding me? No brooms in the drivethrough?

  80. Andrew says:

    “Wow, your costume is so elaborate! How’d you attach the menu to your head?”

  81. Edith says:

    Are you still hiring? I’m going to be laid off November 1.

  82. Gordon archibald says:

    “no, don’t worry about supersizing the order. i’ve got a spell for that!”

  83. AnyStranger says:

    How many peasants could the cholesterol in your biggest burger kill?

  84. Paul says:

    “I’ll have the chicken McDouble with toil and trouble. Hold the pickles.”

    “I’ll get the value size Dorthy and… What the heck… Her little dog too.”

    “You stopped serving breakfast already? What a world what a world!”

  85. Paul Purgett says:

    I’d like a Double Dorothy burger, a large Toto fries, an Over the Rainbow shake and a small bowl of Ghoulash. Does the Spooky meal come with Ruby Slippers?

  86. Miro Keller says:

    “Was that your cousin in the picture?”

    //hint: it’s a chickenburger

  87. Antonio says:

    You have a great future, Harry. Dive through the deep frier at three quarters to twelve.”


  88. Alex says:

    “But all black cats should has cheezburgers!”

  89. Paul Thayer says:

    The only thing scary here is the prices.

  90. cary says:

    So the curse DID work?

  91. Sarah C. says:

    Which which is which? oh… I want a sandwich.

  92. Deen says:

    “Do you have a job for me? I’m bringing my own broom!”

  93. Zach says:

    What are you supposed to be?

  94. Zach says:

    I’ll take the Toil and Trouble Combo, and could you Double Double it for me?

  95. Toby says:

    So, you don’t have witches brew?

  96. Zach says:

    I’m going as Christine O’Donnell

  97. Daddysan says:

    Where do you keep your cleaning supplies? My broom stopped working.

  98. I’ll have the McDoubleDoubleToilAndTrouble, hold the poison’d entrails.

  99. Dave H says:

    CHICKEN nuggets? I thought they were CHILDREN nuggets! I think I’m going to be sick…

  100. Luiz says:

    I’ll have a Chicken Special from the Cannibal Menu

  101. Luiz says:

    …and that’s how I became your boss

  102. Adrian Corda says:

    “Don’t forget to sweep under the pentagram.”

  103. Zach says:

    This menu is as uninspired as my costume

  104. srK says:

    Can I has cheeseburger?

  105. danberte says:

    bawk, bawk ba-gawk, bawk bawk.

  106. I Can Alacazam Cheezburger?

  107. Kari says:

    “Are your kids meals made from real kids or are they imitation?”

  108. “…and your little hot dog, too!”

  109. Adrian Corda says:

    “They’re vampires. Franchise management doesn’t like it either, but the standard 10 per cent senior discount applies.”

  110. Rhonda says:

    Yes, I *WOULD* like Fries with That!

  111. Murilo says:

    breakfast or treat!!

  112. sachmet says:

    Eye of newt,toe of frog, wool of bat, and… tongue of dog.
    Also, a medium fry and large Coke, please.

  113. R says:

    …And you, too can get into Politics just like I did……

  114. Sebastian says:

    “What do you mean you don’t serve my kind here?”

  115. Sven says:

    I’ll take the Gretel Burger and some Hansel fries, please.

  116. Saurio says:

    By the pricking of my thumbs
    something extra juicy with pickles this way comes

  117. James says:

    are your kids meals made with real kids?

  118. Mike W. says:

    If you ask me if I want fries one more time, I’ll turn you into a newt.

  119. OKP says:

    One Bubble-Bubble, hold the toil and trouble, please.”

    (only works in places with In’N’Out burger.)

  120. Saurio says:

    Barfswine isn’t as posh as Warthog but is a fine magic school, you know.

  121. Mike W. says:

    If you don’t hold the onions I’m going to fly off the handle!

  122. Saurio says:

    Sorry but the extralarge hot dog you sold me has no bread.

  123. OJ says:

    Eye of Newt, and one large witch’s brew – to go.

  124. Frank says:

    Won’t you guys be serving Pumpkin today? I could use a couple jack-o’-lanterns

  125. Jason says:

    I think we accidentally traded brooms

  126. Gabrasca says:

    my hat is better, cooler and scariest that your!

  127. romana says:

    No, I’m not saying I’m NOT a mere mental projection of your childhood fears; I’m just saying I have a right to double onion rings!

  128. Mike W. says:

    They were all out of Gandalf the “Gray” costumes. This was the best I could do.

  129. Saurio says:

    If I get the job I’ll buy a sport vaccum cleaner.

  130. Danny says:

    Make your burgers tasty AND nutritious? Impossible!

  131. AJ says:

    “Hogwarts is amazing. I’m going into my 7th year there. Huh…wait…Volde- who?”

  132. Danny says:

    WOW! You went all out on your costume.

  133. Bambule says:

    You were right! That Super-Healthy-Burger(TM) WAS good … and – despite my suspicions – no Brain Damage AT ALL. [Belch] So, … when shall we three meet again?
    Sorry if I double-posted that now, i just cant see my comment (normally they appear instantly with a ‘waiting for moderation’ remark)

    Oh yeah, and I strongly visualize that Belch puntuation mark from

  134. Kniget says:

    I’d make much less scary a mascot than any clown.

  135. watomx says:

    …Yes! I’d like the Hot Salem Burning Sauce Combo

  136. Bambule says:

    Son, I am disappoint!

    ((Sorry for that one ;p))

  137. Andrew Clunn says:

    I’m back from break. Gonna go sweep the ladies room.

  138. Danny says:

    It’s my way right away or I start making chicken sandwiches.

  139. Dave says:

    “Can you point me to the marketing department…”

  140. Bambule says:

    Screw your burgers to the sticking-place.

  141. Ioannis Ramfos says:

    “Sarah Connor?”

  142. Drew says:

    what do you mean by ” we don’t serve your kind around these parts”!!?!?!

  143. I’ll have a batwing burger, frogfries, bug nuggets, and eyeball bloodshake. No lettuce on the burger please; lettuce is yucky.

  144. Bogatzke says:

    “It’s 2010 and still no brooms allowed in the drive-in…i’d like to have the kids menu, with extra fingers please.”

  145. Filipe says:

    Please, 2 Ronald’s Big Eye, 1 big Grimace Bloody Shake, and 1 Burglar’s Fries

  146. Biibox says:

    Hey boss, I finished to clean the toilet. The Beetle Burger is pretty hard to digest…

  147. Jack Leblond says:

    I’d like the “kids meal” please – how many does it come with?

  148. Matt says:

    What costume?

  149. Bambule says:

    lorem ipsum

    ((THE classic text to fill a void .. but doesn’t it also fit the fast food industry in its literal translation?))

  150. Micah says:

    Look, if I have to use my own broom to sweep up, then you’ll have to deal with the occansional haunted deep fryer.
    On a related note, you might not want to put pickles on tonight’s burgers.

  151. kat says:

    No, no fries, but could I have a handful of mugwort with that?

  152. Jake Covert says:

    One Salem-Burger, hold the inquisition sauce, please..

  153. ps says:

    We were supposed to go on date buddy. you forgot??????

  154. lindylu says:

    I’d like eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog, and a diet cola.

  155. pera again says:

    “nice costume!” 🙂

  156. Deb says:

    I’ll have half a dozen eyes of newt and some bat tongue to go – and can you supersize that tongue? Extra spells to do tonight!

  157. Dennis says:

    I’ll have a bubble bubble toil and trouble with some fire burned fries and a glass of cauldron bubbles!

  158. Allen's Brain says:

    …And your little McDog, too!

  159. Rosemarie says:

    No! I can’t just conjure up a burger… Why do you think I came here?

  160. Morbo says:

    I’d like a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.

  161. eduardo says:

    “If I were a zombie this would be so much easier…”

  162. rubens says:

    I’m looking for the chosen one. Have you seen any burguer with a thuder-form lettuce?

  163. Molly says:

    I’d like one Cauldron-Baked Fenny Filet, extra eye of newt, no dog tongue, and a large Lizard’s Leg. Oh. And a Diet Coke.

  164. Allen's Brain says:

    No, I just have a really pointy head and a sweeping fetish.

  165. David says:

    “Yes, I would like flies with that.”

  166. Parry says:

    “Make me one with everything.”

    See, she’s Buddhist. She’s just dressed up as a witch because it’s Halloween.

  167. bn says:

    i was recently laid off my old job, but i heard you guys might be hiring janitors? i have my own broom…

  168. Fai says:

    I know I’m dressed as a witch and not a cannibal, and I know my order doesn’t quite match my costume, but I really want that grilled chicken sandwich.

  169. RKeene says:

    No I do NOT want flies with that.

  170. RKeene says:

    This french fry is way to long.

  171. Kate says:

    …small eye of newt, and… yeah, I’ll goblin-size that.

  172. RKeene says:

    Didn’t you get the memo? Today is employee costume day.

  173. RKeene says:

    ‘Teenager stuck in dead end job’, now that’s a scary costume.

  174. Chris Ward says:

    “..uhhh..and a 10 piece Eye of Newt-gets.”

  175. RKeene says:

    Which came first, the McChicken or the Egg McMuffin?

  176. RKeene says:

    Ah, a picture of Uncle Mickey

  177. spudart says:

    I can’t decide WITCH burger to order.

  178. RKeene says:

    If I wanted chicken I’d chew my wing off.

  179. Peter says:

    Yes, with extra eye of newt.

  180. Joanna says:

    You can’t make it my way!?! What kind of burger place is this that doesn’t carry eye of newt as a condiment?

  181. Philip says:

    “Nice hat.”

  182. Vitor Enes says:

    “I’ll have an Egg McMuffin. I hate eating the young raw.”

  183. Anne says:

    one cannibal burger please

  184. Jen says:

    I like your chicken costume.

  185. Calel says:

    “So you’re saying the kids meal has NO kids in it?”

  186. Wrench says:

    Fifteen orders of chili please, I need a quick brew for the coven meeting.

  187. Neal Butt says:

    “Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
    Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,–
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”……’and hold the mayo!’

  188. El Chupacabra says:

    Can I take your order?

    title: Halloween – the dress up bonanza

  189. Robyn says:

    Dressed for Holloween? No. I’m just out to get a flying start on my Christmas shopping.

  190. Rob says:

    “Sure I can show you a trick! I’ll make a McChicken disappear if you don’t double time it with my order!”

    “Why hunt for toads and bats when the same chemical components are available in a 59 cent patty?”

  191. El Chupacabra says:

    One onion ring to rule them all!

  192. Pam says:

    So if you say “free toy inside” you get the kids without gingerbread walls?!

  193. katis says:

    What do you mean ‘nice costume’?! I have to respect the dress code, especially for the meeting tonight! We’ll have a very important customer. No need to make fun of me because of that!

  194. Hansel-burger with extra Gretel. Oh, and a small diet Coke. No ice.

  195. Tim says:

    The Adventures of Hattie the Dyslexic Witch: “Are you sure? I could have sworn it said ‘Eat Kids Free!'”

  196. SIlver says:

    “I promise I’ll clean the bathrooms right after I take care of this Voldemort business.”

  197. Elissa Couch says:

    “I’ll have that monster style please.”

  198. gt7h1 says:

    “So this Happy Meal thing is done with real children?”

    “This new spell I’m working on requires creepy stuff in it. So, what’s on menu?”

    Sorry the possible bad english. I’m doing just for fun, so I don’t need to participate in the contest.

  199. CMunk says:

    “A Bludger and some Quaffles… Wait, Snitch the Quaffles for a ham Quidditch, I need protein for the game.”

  200. James says:

    ‘Tis now the very witching time of night,
    When churchyards yawn and drive-thru windows are busy.

  201. adora says:

    It’s nice to take a break from junk food. I’ll have double cheese burger combo. Fries instead of flies.

  202. Tim says:

    Bob says my participation in this Halloween Witch-Hunt promotion is sure to get me the assistant manager job. I wonder why he had to go pick up fire wood.

  203. Marie says:

    1.) “Yes, I’ll need a cupholder.”

    2.) Broomstick; the other, other form of transportation: “Do you validate parking?”

    3.) “Umm…can I just get a small fry and an application?”

  204. Keshav says:

    I can haz cheezeburger ??

  205. Kelly says:

    Yes…it’s Witches Heritage Week over at the Plaza. Do you have our order ready? Don’t short us or you’ll be hopping home…

  206. Philip says:

    NO I would not like frogs legs with that. Why do you people always ask that?
    I would like FRIES with that… Jees

  207. Patty says:

    Yes I would like flies with that.

  208. Richard says:

    “If you really interested, I can set you up with an internship. You’ll start off with a smaller broom of coarse.”

  209. Chuck V. says:

    Heeeeeee…… my pretty boy!! You’re under my spell, so give me an Unhappy Meal with bloody fries, and a cauldron brew to go. It’s time to fly!

  210. tgmf says:

    “I’m actually not a witch”

  211. Andrew Hull says:

    “if you don’t give out free food, you should at LEAST have a candy bowl out”

  212. Andrew Hull says:

    “are you guys hiring?”

  213. Andrew Hull says:

    “I guess I must be early. you’d think if you’re friends convince you to go trick-or-treating early, they’d at least show up on time.”

  214. “How many chicken sandwiches could a chicken witch pitch if a chicken witch could pitch a chicken sandwich?”

  215. Alen says:

    “You’re lucky he drew me and not one of the zombies…”

  216. How convenient is it that I stood right under this speech bubble?

  217. I heard you guys have great chicken witch dressing…

  218. Evelien says:

    Can I have a hell-of-a-weenie please?

  219. “So you guys claim to have the biggest chicken-wich in town?”

  220. Wayner says:

    I don’t want a large Farva, I want a liter of cola!!

  221. debcurlydog says:

    “Please hold the eye of newt, I’m watching my figure.”

  222. Chloe says:

    “Oooh can I get human fingers instead of fries with that?”

  223. gt7h1 says:

    “I came here to curse and become you a zombie. But I see you already are one.”

  224. Miguel says:

    I put on my robe and wizard hat.

  225. Barry says:

    Can I have a large Salem Shake please, with extra eye-of-nute?

  226. FarmWife says:

    What do you mean you’re not serving McRibs?!

  227. Siri A. Johnson says:

    Hey, nice costume!

  228. ILD says:

    an order of brains and zombie-size it, to go.

  229. ftloosenfanzfree says:

    Is the meat made from real children? I heard it’s just children-flavored processed ghoul.

  230. Tom Saaristo says:

    What do you mean you just stopped serving breakfast? But I work the night-shift!

  231. Zach says:

    I forgot my wallet. Do you accept eye of newt?

  232. Zach says:

    Bathrooms are clean; Mind if I hitch a ride home on this thing?

  233. Alen says:

    “I’m telling you, there are some weird things outside! I had to fly over them to get here!”

  234. Meh says:

    “I was hoping for a good treat. But it seems I’ve been tricked…”

  235. IEO says:

    I’ll have a cheeseburger, treacle tart and a large pumpkin juice to go.

  236. What do you mean you’re out of Harry Potter Happy Meal Toys?

  237. Jeff says:

    “I’ll have a kids meal, with extra kids and a side of gingerbread.”

  238. Joe says:

    Apparently I’m you, so can I get a discount?

  239. “You’re hiring? Do you allow Samhain as a religious holiday?”

  240. “Eye of newt, I can handle. But McNuggets? That’s just nasty!”

  241. KyleeTee says:

    I don’t want a large, I want a goddamn liter o’potion.

  242. “Oh no, that’s okay, I can ‘supersize it’ myself!”

  243. Nancy Te Tai says:

    I’d like to apply for a job with the wizard who turned all your customers into fat eating Zombies.

  244. Umiyama says:

    “For a… small fee… I could make sure your business would be hex free. It would be most unfortunate if you got hit by stray hex, wouldn’t it?”

  245. BKA says:

    This curse turned to be way better than expected!

  246. KateB says:

    I’ll take a side of flies with that

  247. “I said you burned my steak sandwich, what did you think I said?”

  248. David Millar says:

    Last time I took my broomstick through the drive-thru I got rear-ended by drunk frat boys.

  249. KyleeTee says:

    They were all out of Chuck Norris costumes.

  250. BKA says:

    The endless suffering, the terrible smell, the oppression of evil forces…
    This place is AWESOME!

  251. Rammy M says:

    anything but tofu, it’s … personal

  252. Vlad Rus says:

    witch menu is cheapest?

  253. David Stern says:

    The grilled chicken, medium fries, a large water – no make that a chocolate shake – and 30 flying monkey meals, to go.

  254. Patrick says:

    Broom. Burgers. Gattlestar Galactica.

  255. kristina says:

    You are looking at me as though I’d be tasty roasting over an open flame…

  256. James says:

    I’ll take a Somewhat Bemused Meal to go please.

  257. Patrick Martin says:

    Hold the witch hazel.

  258. Brian says:

    Which witch ‘wich is which?

  259. momo says:

    ‘Can I have my leg back now?’

  260. spidey says:





    I’ll have a Double Double Toil & Trouble, please.



  261. Amanda says:

    “A McChickenWich? I’m not even Irish, you racist.”

  262. Colin says:

    Does the rib sandwich come with, or without the animal attached

  263. I’ll have the gobb salad, don’t want to ruin my ghoulish figure.

  264. Double, double, oily fries and a side of trouble.

  265. I’ll have a #boo, with extra batsup.

  266. I’d like the chicken sandwitch.

  267. Sam says:

    I’ll have the bat burger with extra frog legs and flies, hold the newt eyes. And make it super size

  268. Mike R. says:

    I preferred the menu when FOX was in charge

  269. Karen Martinez says:

    You sell chicken fingers? Oh I thought you said “children fingers” oh never mind, I’ll just have a cheeseburger.

  270. Justin N. says:

    Sir, you forgot the pickled eyeballs!

  271. Alen says:

    A witch?! No, no! I am Gandalf the Black!

  272. kristina says:

    No, despite rumours to the contrary, I’m not dead. I’ll be suing those munchkins for slander…

  273. kristina says:

    Having magic and being a witch is great and all, but I can’t live without my Big Mac(TM) meal deal.

  274. kristina says:

    I’m doing lovely today, thank you! How about you?

  275. kristina says:

    …so when the rubber meets the road and it all comes down to end, I have no idea what it has to do with the price of tea in China, so I said, “No,” to investing…

  276. Diana Bater says:

    “Can I have a number 7 with a side of rat’s tails and a medium Potion Cola please?”

  277. Greg says:

    “Yes Hansel, I WOULD like fries with my Gretel-burger.”

  278. Mike R. says:

    But last time you said I COULD change fries for onion rings!

  279. Daniel says:

    What burger shall I eat again
    A double, chicken, or just plain?

  280. Guadalupe acosta says:

    “I want a burger-rat with onion rings to go please”

  281. Mike R. says:

    Dorothy suggested that I order and chug a large coffee, please?

  282. Mike R. says:

    Yeah, see, I’m a little light this week. Will you take the broom?

  283. … And that’s how I started my Janitorial Service!

  284. Carlos S Jass says:

    “Do you have zombie fillet sandwiches?”

  285. Markus says:

    I’ll have the Paranoid Burger this year!

  286. Marius G says:

    Title: Food Exchanges –
    “So if i’ll have you, i’m looking at 1725 calories and 96.5 grams of fat..”

  287. Mike says:

    What!?! EVERYWHERE has worm fries these days, trust me!

  288. Jack says:

    “Wanna buy a Rolex?”

  289. Brandon says:

    “What are you sup post to be”

    “My order better be right, or you’ll be sorry”

    “I came in the drive thru, but the thing didn’t ring, because i was on my broom”

  290. Chris says:

    What do you mean i’m a part of this!

  291. Mark says:

    – Can you give me directions to Eastwick please?

    – One burger, two fries and….OH MY GOD, WE’RE BOTH CHICKENS!

    – This is a broom, not a mop…and no, I don’t work here.

    – Are your children-burgers fresh roasted or frozen?

    – I’ll have two small children roasted alive…can I get that as a Happy Meal?

    – I’ll have the escargot with the butter and apricot glaze and a cabernet reduction sauce…and some shit for my broom.

    – Can I get the roasted Gretel with Hansel sauce instead?

    -…and then I was made Secretary of State!

    – Hagrid…Hogwarts is not the same without you…I’ll have a number three with fries.

    – “Manager” Potter…yes, yes…well…glad things have finally worked out for you in the end…

    – excuse me….there was not a fly in my soup!

    – Yeah, my friend is hot but she doesn’t party…she is from the North you know.

    – Your burgers are free…sure…and later on flying monkeys will be flying out of my butt…

    – Just getting a quick bite before I check on the munchkins…there’s been word of a flying house.

    – For the last time…I will sweep the floors…but I will not use a mop and a bucket of water!

    – Oh no, it’s not for me…my friend just LOVES poison apples.

    – And a plain burger for my son-in-law-“Durwood”…he is such a mortal.

    – A bat-burger for Dr. Bombay, a fruit-pie for Uncle Arthur and a Happy Meal for Tabitha.

  292. Babel says:

    “i witch me a burger”

  293. Mark says:

    – Are your children fresh roasted or frozen?

    much better….

  294. Vania says:

    Luke, i`m thee father!


    “Since highschool, you say? Well you`ve changed a lot too…”


    I wouldn`t call “2.99 for the fries” a treat…


  295. Merbie says:

    Hope its true that there are rats on the premises!

  296. Mark says:

    – Hmmmm…are your children frozen or roasted alive?

    – I don’t mind waiting, as long as the children are roasted alive.

    – Oh, so the Happy Meal is “for” children and not “four” children…that makes a big difference.

  297. Georga says:

    No, this isn’t my Halloween costume. I teach at Hogwarts.

  298. Georga says:

    Let me guess, you are going as a fast food employee for Halloween?

  299. Birdie S. says:

    Don’t beef about the beef just eat it!!!

  300. Birdie S. says:

    If it doesn’t move, EAT IT.

  301. Vania says:

    “Yeah, i know it`s not Halloween”

    “…and that guy thinks he`s God, can you believe that?!”

  302. Rod P says:

    Wart burger and fries… Hurry or I’ll upsize you into a toad.

  303. Chuck says:

    Why yes, I am the Good Witch of the East. And, don’t tell the children – the Lion ate Dorothy and Toto.

  304. Daniel Bearcroft says:

    Extra children please

  305. Mark says:

    – Oh, so the Happy Meal is “for” children and not “four” children.

    – No, I do not know Dumbledore! What, like we all know each other?

    – Sure…I just wriggle my mouth back and forth and…Dammit…we’re both chickens…

    – So…how much extra for the “poison” apple-pie?

    – The Twilight Series can kiss my green ass!

    – Give me a burger for the yellow brick road.

    – 7 ice creams for Team Hufflepuff…someday we’ll win a game of Quidditch…someday.

  306. Dennis says:

    This is the new employees’ uniform, the latest in fast food fashion off the cover of “Horrifying Fast Foods” Monthly.

  307. Erica Gieras says:

    I am NOT a Witch! You are very rude

  308. Roy Johnson says:

    “I’m looking for a counter spell.”

  309. Zexion says:

    I love children… but i could never eat a whole one… just give me a quarter pounder.

  310. Mark says:

    – Are you children frozen or roasted alive?

    finally happy with that one…

  311. Andy says:

    Does Mrs Lovett still work the grills? She might know where your manager is.

  312. Roy Johnson says:

    I told her, “I’ll get you lunch, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

  313. Mark says:

    – Are your children frozen or roasted alive?

    of course I meant “your” children…not that I think this is THAT funny….but small words and grammar makes a difference in the humor or lack of humor…not saying this is that funny anyways but….maybe being a little ocd about it…but in this format….one word can make a huge difference…imagine if Shakespeare had written “it is the eastern sky, and Juliet is a searing light that penetrates my hangover.” See? Not as effective.

  314. mike T says:

    May I have your soul with you ayes and some extra ketchup please

  315. Randall says:

    Can I borrow this? Thanks!

  316. Generic_Guy says:

    Beware of my powerful and devastating ma-what is THAT?! *points to cash register*

  317. Aly says:

    Do you serve flying monkeys?

  318. MARCUS says:

    hey__ if you think I’m scary then you haven’t seen what they put in that hamburger meat!!!!

  319. Marie says:

    4.)”I top out around 9mph, but you just can’t beat the money you save on gas.”

    5.)”Does this broom make me look fat?”

  320. Jarett says:

    …flame broiled at the stake, please.


    Is Wendy joining the coven tonight? We’re bringing Dave back from the grave.

  321. Jarett says:

    I’ll have the pagan double cheeseburger.

  322. NGoodman says:

    – i have a complaint about your concept of children’s menu.

    – i guess i am too tired to stir the old cauldron tonight

  323. Jarett says:

    Are the fries kosher?

  324. Luis says:

    One Manwich with a side of kids.

  325. Bruce says:

    Don’t “Oh, Mother” me! You need a girlfriend!

  326. Silly says:

    I’ll take a #2… Wait! How about a newt nuggets kids meal…with that dinky plastic cauldron!

  327. Kelly says:

    You don’t understand…I’ll NEVER be too old for a Kids Meal!

    Super-size my fries or I’ll minimize your beef!

    I see you allow service animals! Can you seat 100 flying monkeys?

  328. j-p says:

    “I’m not a sandwitch”

  329. My broomstick has stopped working, any jobs going?

  330. Raquel says:

    “Oh gurrl! then she said, your a hard man to love and gave him a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…”

  331. Raquel says:

    “I put a spell on you and now your mine…”

  332. crazymuch says:

    “why yes, I’d like flies with that … wait, you said fries didn’t you?”

  333. Michael says:

    Witch? No I’m hear to clean the restrooms.

  334. Hannah says:

    I’ll have the chili, add eye of newt…

  335. Michael says:

    What do you mean, ‘We don’t have nuggets’?

  336. Jeremy says:

    “A double, double cheeseburger, extra toil and trouble.”

  337. AkatsukiNekoJr says:

    “Halloween? What do you mean? I’m Lady Gaga. This is for my new music video, Poker Face…with my Wand.”
    (Read pokerface…sounds like Poke her :D)

  338. Julian says:

    Updated: I’ll have a Wiccanburger please… On second thoughts, can I change that into a frogburger?

  339. Bruce says:

    Do you take capons?

  340. Meli says:

    Congratulations! I’m from management and you’ve been chosen as the main ingredient for our McCannibal burger!

  341. Ethan says:

    -This is what you get for graduating with a liberal arts degree, Greg.

    -Hi, I’m the new regional sales manager.

    -And burn it to a crisp, okay? Sort of like what happened to my sister in Salem last week.

  342. Kristy Bartholomew says:

    *And I thought being a witch was the most humilating career choice there was.*

  343. Kristy Bartholomew says:

    Is that an eye of newt in your pocket or are you just happy to meet me??

  344. Kristy Bartholomew says:

    *What all the brew ha ha about?*

  345. kaveman says:

    I’m here to apply for the job of conjurer of mystery meats… I mean short order chef.

  346. Lauren Cude says:

    what?, its halloween?, im not wearing a costume?…sooo what are you?

  347. John says:

    “I’ll have fries, my pretty. And an apple pie too.”

  348. John says:

    Hi, my name is Christine O’Donnell and I’d like your vote.

  349. jurda says:

    So…is the chicken fresh?

  350. PTTG says:

    I’ll have the chicken sandwich.

  351. Annie says:

    “I’ll have the Winged Monkeys special.”

  352. Gabriel says:

    Don’t act so surprised! You knew it the day I hired you!

  353. Andrew says:

    It’s simple, if you try to burn the burger & it comes out underdone, its witch burger.

  354. and why can’t I use the drive-through?

  355. Brian says:

    I’ll have a number 666. Hold the mayo.

  356. Joe says:

    “These are not the burgers you are looking for.”

  357. James says:

    I’m here to free your sand witches.

  358. Maria says:

    “One burger with lizard tails and bat’s wings, hold the eye of newt. To go.”

  359. Leo says:

    Could I get a sandwitch with that?

  360. Leo says:

    I would like to order 3 children, 5 boiled frogs… wait, what do you say? This is only for noodles? What are noodles?!?

  361. Mark says:

    Even though it all tastes the same… I’d like a Chicken sans-witch!

  362. Robert Brister says:

    “Does the Hansel and Gretel Meal come with gingerbread cookies?”

  363. Mike B M says:

    “Trick or burger”

    “hmmm… WHITCH order should I take?”

  364. Thomas says:

    What do you mean I can’t trick-or-treat here?

  365. DF says:

    Wow that’s a lot of comments!
    Mine are:

    1) “Please come back home, son. Also one large pepsi to go.”

    2) “It’s very pratical being a janitor in Halloween.”

    3) “I thought my costume was good but yours is AWESOME.”

    4) “I just realized we’re not chickens, but smiling morons with our tongues poking out.”

  366. Thomas says:

    Yes I’d like that burger to go!

  367. Thomas says:

    This is the one night of the year that chickens can fly!

  368. Thomas says:

    Could I see your “On the Fly” menu please?

  369. Thomas says:

    Your burgers give me wings!

  370. Thomas says:

    I couldn’t find broom parking at the rear.

  371. Thomas says:

    I’d ask for a steak but I fear I might get burned.

  372. Thomas says:

    1) I’d ask for a “stake” but I don’t want to give you any ideas…

    2) Why thank you, I am feeling buoyant today!

  373. James says:

    Get my point?

  374. Brian says:

    Make it a Double Double. Hold the toil and trouble.

  375. James says:

    Hold the flies. I already have a broomstick.

  376. needleman says:

    “Im a witch but your hamburgers are more scarier these days.”

  377. James says:

    I should turned left at Macbeth.

  378. Clarybelle says:

    … along with horse meat and questionable human remains? On second thought, skip the burger, I’ll have the garden salad insted.

  379. carrie says:

    So, you’re saying that if I upsize to a large, I can get more monopoly pieces?

  380. Necuno says:

    a)What do you mean forever-living wizards no longer apply for the thrid age discount?

    b)This is outrageous! Pure discrimination! I want to talk to the chicken in cgarge about that “No brooms allowed” at the auto-service right now!

    c)So… I have to purchase the children’s meal to include the Eye of the Cyclops in my order?

  381. Laura E says:

    Yes, I got a complicated order…

  382. Micky Pain says:

    “…and then they made me their leader.”

    “If I were real, would I need to buy your crap?”

    “It’s nice that once a year I don’t have to wear a costume…”

    “…and if I hadn’t stopped to tie my silver shoes I would have been crushed by that house…”

  383. cole says:

    Yes, I look ridiculous on Halloween. But you have a McJob every day.

  384. Candice says:

    1) oh yeah!? well YOUR costume lacks creativity!

    2) no i am NOT the new janitor

  385. Ellen says:

    “Just another “fly-by-night” joint.

  386. Dandroid says:

    No, not a warlock, I ordered a manwich, not a man-witch!

  387. A McSplitting with extra headache and a brain salad, to fly.

  388. Twyla says:

    “I’ll just have a double double cheeseburger, there’s enough toil and trouble here already.”

  389. Deen says:

    “It’s about time you guys opened in Hogsmead”

  390. Michael says:

    Have you seen my cat? Also can I take a cat burger?

  391. Kira says:

    1) “Nice muggle costume.”

    2) “…and Gollum would like a ‘Precious’ Happy Meal with the One Ring as a toy…”

  392. Jason says:

    a) Corn Dog please. My cauldron’s broken.

    b) Do you sell sandwitches?

    c) The food here is scarier than ANY of my spells!

  393. Pedro Amaral says:

    no onions please.

  394. Lulu says:

    “Two savage chicken burger please”
    “=O “

  395. Daddysan says:

    I tried the drive-in lane first but the girl at the counter fainted. So here I am.

  396. Anuj says:

    1.”Witch item do you suggest??”

    2.”No, my toad would not like some flies with that!”

    3.”Do you need a delivery boy. I have brought my own transport.”

  397. Nadine says:

    What do you mean you don’t serve my kind?

  398. Sandra says:

    Hmm, I was under the impression that McGonagalls were on the menu…

  399. Ben E says:

    Have you got any puppy dogs’ tails? I’m running short.

  400. droth says:

    ” … i said you can have whatever you like … “

  401. Joey says:

    Bubble: Any delivery positions open? I own my own broomstick.

    Caption: “The year Dumbledore lost his job”

  402. BG says:

    Can I speak to a manager? There’s a group of pesky kids in the corner and, despite the “No Pets” sign, they’re letting their Great Dane make a mess of the place.

  403. BG says:

    I can’t believe your aunt made you get a job, Sabrina. Ew!

  404. BG says:

    I thought you’d like to know that the group from the Lollipop Guild is really tearing up your Playland.

  405. mauveleopard says:

    caption-I may not be Luna, but I sure do love good!

    text below the caption-Hermoine is no longer given a discount at Burger King

  406. mauveleopard says:

    Btw, the above given quote is a Harry Potter pickup line which i selfishly stole for my own purposes. that said, cheers!

  407. Moxie says:

    What? Your jingle clearly states I can have it MY way….

  408. Brooke says:

    “Thanks for the plunger. Next time I won’t super size the Hansel and Gretel!”

  409. Will Foster says:

    I’ll have the children’s meal

  410. Carrie says:

    One Cullen burger, please.

  411. Lisa Baeuerlen says:

    “No. CHILDREN nuggets and a large coke! Sheesh!”

  412. Lauri says:

    ‘One boiled pigeon brest with lobster sauce spiced with pixy dust, please.’

  413. Andrea says:

    “Are the children nuggets all white meat or do they have zombie filler?”

  414. Tim says:

    No, smart guy, I wouldn’t like to try your new tuna “MELT” sandwich!

  415. Alex says:

    Finished sweping the floor, do you want me to wipe the tables?

  416. Anna Lucia says:

    I thought we agreed on His and Hers costumes this year.

  417. Frank says:

    “I’ll take the 12 piece Hansel and Gretel meal, and super size that!”

  418. Lori says:

    “Enough with the puns. Just give me a number 7, no pickles.”

  419. R48813 says:

    …So come on down to Witch’s Brew, where we tell you how many eyes of newt are in each burger!

  420. brody foyle says:

    “can i have a chicken breast, hold the chicken.”

  421. brody foyle says:

    “trick or treat, smell my feet give me something better than crap to eat, not to big not to small just the size of a large cow”

  422. rryatt says:

    One savage chick witch with broom and flies!

  423. martin martinez says:

    yes witchcraft isn´t as good as in old days, so do i have the janitor job or what?

  424. Chad says:

    The Chicken sandwich sounds delicious!

  425. Quackor says:

    I would take the lizard gizzards with mummified toenails and the screams of a thousand souls… err, I mean a big mac with fries and a big soda.

  426. Big Egg says:

    ‘Let’s see…I’ll have the double cheeseburger, fries and a wing of bat shake.’

  427. Phillip says:

    Taste like children

  428. martin says:

    Crikey! I thought chicken spit would be an unusual request, now you mean to tell me all burgers usually come with that?

  429. Elmo says:

    I know the fast food industry is an abomination, Mike. But your costume is a little over the top…

  430. Mary Downs says:

    I’d like the crappy meal please with curly flies and an adams apple pie. And water to drink with a non-spill lid.

  431. Mary says:

    One body burger, minion rings, and

  432. Mary says:


    One body burger, minion rings and a large Yoo Hoo to go.

  433. Suzanne says:

    Double, Double, burger with cheese,
    Fries burnt, and ketchup please!

  434. Mary says:

    Oh…I see you have the mummy wrap again. Last time you had those I found them to be despicible but the resulting indigestion gave me great gas mileage.

  435. Peter says:

    “All hail Macbeth, that shalt be BurgerKing hereafter! Now, where’s Banquo?”

  436. Eric says:

    “You say ‘stupid witch costume’, I say “wiccan ballgown”.

    Tomato, tomahto.”

  437. Michael Boruszewski says:

    “Now, where was I? ‘Abra-cadabra’? ‘Hocus pocus’? Oh, never mind, make it to go!”
    “Yes, I’d like to supersize those evil potions. Easy on the ice!”
    “I’d like the Hansel & Gretel combo, please.”
    “Of course, it’s ‘to go.’ I wouldn’t be seen dead here.”
    “No. No onions. They give me the heebie-jeebies.”
    “I seem to have forgotten my Wiccan Express card. Do you take Visa?”
    “I was just going to say that. You look finger-licking good, too.”
    “Say, haven’t I cast a spell on you before? Perhaps at another Wiccan Chicken?”
    “One more messed-up order and I’ll turn you into dessert.”
    “I don’t know why the wiccan flew acwoss the woad. For no particular weason, I supwose.”
    “Why, yes. It is a full moon out there.”
    “Wicca-pedia says meat is murder.”

  438. Jonathan says:

    A order of children McNuggets, with sweet-and-sour sauce, please.

  439. Tracy Ritter says:

    Title: McMummy’s

    “I’ll take a goblin slider combo witha side of fingers and witches brew. Can you Zombie-size it?”

  440. Tracy Ritter says:

    “How is the socery thing going?”

  441. Saurio says:

    (oops I made a mistake in my joke. Here is correct)

    “Barfswine isn’t as posh as Hogwarts but is a fine magic school, you know”.

  442. Saurio says:

    Yes, you are right, I’m Yoko Ono.

  443. Saurio says:

    Please give me two Hocus with extra Pocus.

  444. bonni says:

    No, I don’t want to order anything, I just need to use the batroom.

  445. Samuel says:

    “I’d like flies with that”

  446. Zach says:

    I could take a few pointers on how to attract unsuspecting plump children from this place!

  447. Zach says:

    “I’ll have a sand-WITCH if you please! Wait that pun doesn’t work unless you’re reading it. I’ll just have some onion rings.”

  448. Thomas says:

    I’d like a sand-witch please.

  449. Will says:

    One basket of human fingers. They’re claw licking good.

  450. Sarah says:

    “I’m here to apply for the delivery driver position”

  451. Ben Mann says:

    You wanna see the monkey living under my hat?

  452. Chrono says:

    This witch set I got from your Happy Meal does not work. I’d like a refund.

  453. Frances says:

    I’ll have two of your McRibs.

  454. Andrés Miramontes says:

    Supersize me!

  455. Damon says:

    That’s it! That’s the last time you guys get my order wrong! I’m turning everyone into chickens! *poof* Except me! ..dangit

  456. Zach says:

    No witch cracks, just give me a damn hamburger

  457. Chris T N says:

    I don’t get it. Every halloween they don’t make you guys do anything, but they make me wear this stupid janitor’s outfit

  458. joe says:

    What?! have you never seen a witch order a burger before!

  459. Chris T N says:

    (jesturing at her whitch) you know this was a top hat when I found it

  460. Chris T N says:

    (jesturing at her witch hat) you know this was a top hat when i found it

  461. James says:

    I’ve a feeling we’re not in Oz any more.

  462. Foolygirl says:

    The usual please, Eddy.


    …and make it snappy – I’m on a flying vsit!


    Couldn’t be bothered boiling up the cauldron so I thought I’d treat myself!

  463. AkatsukiNekoJr says:

    Oh hey! Great costume! But you do know its not Halloween yet?
    (Yes the witch is saying that)

  464. Ellen says:

    copy 3 of the squiggly lines representing items on the menu, position them as thought they are being ordered, and write “plastic” below them.


  465. ben says:

    I can supersize it myself, thanks.

  466. Jorge says:

    whats up with your costume

  467. Silviu says:

    “Did you know that you look the way I feel?”

    “Seek out the knowledge of the dirty salmon and ye shall find your true calling!”

  468. Piyush Mor says:

    Hi Oz,
    you your costume rocks!

  469. HeidiRenee says:

    I’m here for the job. Once the Harry Potter movies wrapped a witch just can’t find work.

  470. Chris says:

    I’ll take one order of Hansel and Gretel. And Supersize it!

  471. Piraro says:

    I’ll have the Chicken MacBeth and a side of dead babies.

  472. Christopher says:

    I’ll get you and your little dog too! To Go!

  473. Kal says:

    “…then one sister died when a house fell on her and the other died when she got hit with water. I’m also a single mom of 18 chicks, most with disabilities. But, despite not seeing my family due to the long hours, the lousy pay and no benefits, I still love my job sweeping floors and cleaning toilets here.”

    Caption reads- See what The Wizard and CEO of OZ Burger learns this Sunday on, “Undercover Boss.”

    (May need a bigger bubble for the quote)

  474. Stefanie LeBlanc says:

    You don’t sell the Baby Fingers Combo? Oh darn, I must have taken a wrong turn back there on my broom…

  475. Mike W. says:

    I told you I could supersize this french fry.

  476. Mike W. says:

    Enough with the jokes. I’m not the one wearing a paper hat.

  477. Kris says:

    May I borrow this?

  478. Alex says:

    So nice to be around people with more facial blemishes than me!

  479. Alex says:

    Does your delivery service use owls or have you upgraded to flying monkeys?

  480. Michael says:

    I believe the chicken burger is a metaphor for the existential nature of the inner child.

  481. mtm says:

    what, no fly-thru window?

  482. Laura says:

    I’ll have 3 quadruple toad breast burger with cheese, a medium bucket of spicy bat wings, a large chocolate rat shake, and a large Diet Coke.

  483. Robert says:

    I won’t tell Mom if you don’t.

  484. Robert says:

    Let’s never speak of this again.

  485. Kristy Bartholomew says:

    *Henny Youngwitch*

    I was flying into town for a party…oww my arms are tired…take my broom puuuulese!

  486. Kristy Bartholomew says:

    If you give me a cheeseburger today..I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday.

    ( ha ha – on Tuesday he’ll be a toad)

  487. Michele J says:

    “Hey, at least you don’t have to stand outside in a Halloween costume, trying to wave customers in!”

  488. Tyler Hartford says:

    1. I’ll have your “Burn at the Steakburger.”

    2. Hate to stir the pot, but don’t you know what they put in those burgers?

  489. Agus says:

    Please, tell me It was NOT Chicken.

  490. Dilvy Skuam says:

    And THAT is for messing with a witch!
    Be prepared to work here for life (godzilla mark)

  491. Ben says:

    What do you mean you can’t give away free meals for Halloween and especially not just ‘some punk’.

  492. proto says:

    Chicks are not attracted to gingerbread like they once were, so I think I’ll just regress and have eggs.

  493. Thomas Spadea says:

    Yeah I’ll have an eye of newt with some cat hair. Oh can also get a side of frog’s blood and uhh a medium diet coke.

  494. Mike says:

    Have you seen my cat?

  495. DoubleJay says:

    Do you have anything on the menu for an insectivore?

  496. Peter says:

    Don’t worry, dressing up for halloween doesn’t mean I can’t still sweep the floor.

  497. Foolygirl says:

    What’s the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!

  498. ChosenMonkies says:

    “I’ll have the usual”

  499. Guilherme de Souza says:

    “Don’t you have any option with salamander eyes, by any chance?”

  500. Thomas says:

    In retrospect, does this really beat my candy-house, Hansel?

  501. Fraser Batten says:

    May I have a double cheese beef sand witch please?

  502. Rachel Batten says:

    “Fair is foul and fowl is fair…oh never mind…I’ll have a chicken burger please”

  503. ramonathepest says:

    You’re out of BigMacbeth’s? aaaggghhh!

  504. Kevin Hansen says:

    Look, it’s a simple yes-or-no question. I’m only going to ask you one more time. Are the kids’ meals made from real kids?

  505. Paulina LK says:

    “I want the Treak or Treat combo with large french worms, please… and a boilling cauldron… oh yeah, coke is fine.”

  506. Morgan Wack says:

    500 Calories in a hamburger? Now thats scary…

  507. Morgan Wack says:

    Nice costume. Are you supposed to be a high school drop-out?

  508. Mike R. says:

    Man, I ain’t no witch! *sigh* Pimpin’ ain’t easy..

  509. Mike R. says:

    Large Coke please, I drank all my corn syrup and red dye.

  510. Pedro V says:

    I’d like a Batburger

  511. Coral says:

    What do you mean you don’t serve vegetarian burgers?

  512. Eoghan H says:

    ‘I hope I have enough b-room to finish this meal’.

    ‘Witch burger should I get?’

    ‘I’m a black mage janitor’

    ‘What did you dress up as for halloween? An underachiever?’

    ‘This isn’t a broom I’m holding…’

  513. bottleHeD says:

    No, I don’t want to be fried with that.

  514. octavian says:

    Catburger with batsauce please!

  515. Daniel says:

    Keep it secret, keep it safe. Never speak the precious GandalfBurger recipe to anyone.

  516. Daniel says:

    No, but the air doesn’t smell so foul here. If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose.

    (Merry unseen because he’s a chicken-hobbit)

  517. Robyn says:

    Talk about a dead-end job!

  518. Daniel says:

    The timer on the onion rings is ended. The time has come… for the feasting of Gandalf.

  519. Liam B. says:

    “Um, yes I will have flies with that, oh and hold the eye of newt”

  520. Robin G says:

    – Picking up an order for Oz.

    – …and hurry please. I double parked my flying monkey.

    – shhhh… I’m here to make the “special” sauce.

    – *poof* There. Now you can sell expensive coffee too.

  521. Liam B. says:

    “Um, yes. I was wondering if you had any staff positions available? I’m willing to work in cleaning” Subtitle – “November 1st”

  522. Franklin says:

    Merry Hallowgiving! I’ll take the peppermint, turkey candy corn shake please!

  523. tom says:

    I found some heroin in your locker

  524. Brooke says:

    “You look familiar. Been to any gingerbread houses lately?”

  525. Doug Maynard says:

    “Now that you mention it, this job rotation program *does* seem rather arbitrary.”

  526. Doug Maynard says:

    “Sorry, Helga, but the coven is short on cash and you drew the short straw.”

  527. Brooke says:

    “I don’t have much experience with a fryer, but I do know my way around an oven.”

  528. Pablo says:

    See? I told you that I can turn you into something worse than a toad!

  529. Paulo says:

    I would have one double burger with extra fries for the broom

  530. Doug Maynard says:

    “Ball-pit cleaning service. I’ll take any unclaimed kids off your hands, free of charge.”

  531. Vickie K says:

    Of course I don’t eat here. Have you ever seen a fat witch?

  532. Vickie K says:

    My cat and I are here from the Health Department. I understand you have a rat problem?

  533. Vickie K says:

    Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. . .

  534. Mario Palacio says:

    I’ll have one kid with double cheese and a poison soda. Nope, fries make me fat.

  535. Joe D. says:

    I am here to inquire about the janitorial position. I have a tremendous amount of experience in working with toxic mixtures, and I even have my own broom!!!

  536. Chuck says:

    TRICK OR TREAT!! A happy meal for me, or you’ll be the next batch of chicken nuggets in the deep fryer!

  537. Natalie says:

    Errr…I hate when your fly-up window is closed.

  538. shackes says:

    One chicken wing, please! The left one.

  539. Gina says:

    I’d like your Chicken Fingers please.

  540. Frank says:

    “I’ll have a number two, and your little dog, too.”

  541. Karin says:

    Actually, it’s a common misunderstanding that witches eat stuff like eyes from newts or newborns hearts. It’s gross! I just want a cheeseburger.

  542. Tye McQueen says:

    I was late to the game but I still like my version of the classic reference:

    As for you, I’ll get… the combo… and your little dog, too! Ah, ha ha ha ha!… But hold the mustard.

    (With a different expression on the witch, you could do:

    Ahh! You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! Cheese on my fries?! And it’s melting… melting…

  543. Kissa says:

    “Yes, please, double spit on those onion rings.”

  544. Anett says:

    I’d like a McMuggle menu with Muggle McNuggets and a big coke, please.

  545. Marco Mo says:

    “so… what you’re saying is that the children’s menu isn’t made from actual children?”

  546. Josh says:

    A McRib? Gross! Do you know what’s in those things?

  547. zoe cumberland says:

    have you seen my cat any were ?

  548. willwot says:

    I’ll have the Lobster Thermidor au Crevette with a Mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.

    Viking Chikens in the background: Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

  549. Luwano says:

    “A burger? No thanks. Upon reading the sign outside I thought I could find my niece in here… she’s such a good little witch.”

  550. Mickey Hennigan says:

    Witch do I want,witch do I want.
    OK a brain burger with a side of fried worms, and a pumpkin cola

  551. Thomas says:

    I can’t say this enough, but I’m really impressed by your costume,Gwendolyn! Some of the witches even asked for a burger!

  552. Joey says:

    You shall not pass!

  553. Wam says:

    What do you mean, you look ridiculous? Have you looked in a mirror?

  554. Wam says:

    I was going to make my own poisoned food, but you know what? I’ll just have a Big Mac please.

  555. aMichevole says:

    “A McPumpkin, please”

  556. Dougg says:

    “Could you scare me up a double-double? If it’s not too much toil and trouble?”

  557. Mike Wiser says:

    “The Gingerbread House isn’t working any more. How much for your sign out front?”


    “I love your work. All these fat kids make things so much easier.”


    “No need to be scared. How much worse could you be cursed?”

  558. Suzanne says:

    I thought I was old, green, and warty. That is until I tried your burgers!

  559. Suzanne says:

    You forgot your lunch at home sweetie! Wouldn’t it have been awful if you had to eat cow instead of newt!?

  560. Suzanne says:

    Ahh haha, what a silly uniform!

  561. Jea H says:

    I’ll have the Savage Chicken McNuggets and a small Child. To go, please.

  562. sebi says:

    One human burger, please. or
    one human flesh burger, please.

  563. Johnny Bley says:

    “…hold the eye of newt, it gives me gas.”

  564. Johnny Bley says:

    “may I have flies with that?”

  565. kev says:

    “The Customer is Always Right” should NOT apply to our Managerial uniforms.

  566. Jon Walsh says:

    I’ll have the Chicken Sandwitch with a side of fries.

  567. Alesya Eben says:

    I wonder what they make those nuggets out of…. I can’t get enough!

  568. Jeff says:

    It was either be a witch or flip burgers.

  569. […] I received over a thousand entries for the Halloween Contest this year and they were better than ever. Popular recurring themes included: dead end jobs, Hansel […]

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