Savage Chickens - Being Seen

More ninja.

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11 Responses to Being Seen

  1. steve says:

    lol, good to see that he’s still a ninja when he’s asleep.

    : )

  2. lusty says:

    Great one!!

  3. unhØLy says:

    totally every ninja’s nightmare

  4. Seth says:

    This ninja is a pro. He can still materialize a think bubble while being buried. In the cloud.

    Some serious ninja-fu

  5. Raquel says:

    hmmm… would it help if the chickens were naked? 😀 lol.

  6. R says:

    Paranoid Ninja Chicken!!!!
    What a SuperHero concept !!!

  7. willwot says:

    Worst Nightmare ever and to top it off, Naked in front of all your peers.

  8. Sam says:

    yess…a ninja cartoon after soo long… and it was funny too 😀

  9. Pooshop says:

    At least they are not samurai chickens.

  10. Jody says:

    Does this mean that Rockwell was really a ninja?

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