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Something a little different today in honour of Remembrance Day here in Canada, and Veterans Day in the US. I had a number of requests for a Veterans Day cartoon, and I found that it wasn’t something that I could make a joke about, so I decided not to. This one’s dedicated to my grandfather.

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72 Responses to Remembrance

  1. dvhh says:

    Perhaps the best heroes are the one who don’t brag about their exploit.

    Love this sticky note

  2. Antonio says:


    One of my grandfathers talked a little bit about where he went in the war, but there’s so much you never hear.


  3. Jason says:

    Nice work.
    It’s remembrance day here in Australia also. Nice to know.

  4. Fritha says:

    Thank you.

  5. RogerR says:

    Good one.
    My father rarely talked about WW2: I think that unless you’ve been involved in such a conflict, it’s beyond communication.

  6. MaxStone says:

    It’s Remembrance Day in the UK too.

    A very touching cartoon.

    It’s very common for people who fought in WWII never wanting to talk about their experiences. For most, I believe it is just too painful and horrific to think about.

    We will never forget them and the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

  7. Klaus says:

    Same here.
    My grandfather never talked about the war. Ever.
    And he was a doctor, so theoretically… looks like only people who’ve been in a war can know about this.

    Makes me very happy that I’ve never seen one, and never been in the army…

  8. Carol says:

    My father was in the Korean War. He didn’t speak of it until he was in his 70’s and only spoke of the friends and pranks they would play on each other. War is a bitter memory.

  9. Ray says:

    Thanks. My dad was in WWII. I miss him a lot.

  10. Chris Browder says:

    This made me cry, this is exactly what my grandfather’s passing was like.

  11. Josh says:

    Not that many people at my school know what this day is all about. Most of them look at it as “just another day off.” Great comic. Never forget.

  12. Emma says:

    I was happy to see this cartoon today 🙂

    Perfect remembrance.

  13. Janelle says:

    Prefect note for today.
    🙂 Thank you.

  14. Ellie says:

    I didn’t know you’re here in Canada. Now I like ur work even more!

  15. Nancy says:

    Very timely for my family. My dad just passed away this year, my son is 18….and I’m pretty sure my dad never told my son about his service during WWII!

  16. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Thanks for the lovely Veteran’s Day sticky.

  17. greg says:

    It wasn’t until after my father died in 2007 that Mom showed us the Purple Heart and Silver Star he was awarded during WWII. Pretty humbling. We never knew.

  18. Liam B. says:

    Hi Doug.

    I have been an avid reader since the beginning of 2006 and a great fan of all your work. I can’t wait for your book.

    I love the chickens.

    But this one, this one is deep this one is very touching.
    A change from your normal quirkyness. But a very fitting one for such an important day of the year. Powerful stuff.

    Deep, and very powerful.
    Much respect. Thankyou.

    Cheers, Liam B.

  19. Dave M says:

    You normally make me laugh… well, sometimes ;o)

    Today you made me cry.

    Thanks to all those who have given their lives and suffered the physical and mental scars for the sake of our freedom.

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

  20. Tom says:

    My great-uncle was in Korea. He never talked about his experience except once: when I asked him if I could write a paper about him for class in grade school.

  21. ramonathepest says:


  22. lindylu says:

    Thank you

  23. phil says:

    My father only told a few funny (in hindsight) stories about his time in North Africa and Italy. The rest he kept to himself. My father in law just said, “Nobody wins a war.” Amen

  24. DarkHawke says:

    Great cartoon today, Doug. And that’s consistent with what I’ve heard about most WWII vets; they really don’t talk about it. My deepest respect and admiration to all those who have fought for the freedom of this country and so many others around the world.

  25. Bri says:

    Great sticky! Today is a day for Remembrance, we can all joke the other 364 days of the year!

  26. NotBob says:

    Touching. My grandfather was the same. He never talked about what he did during the war until we got him drunk one Christmas and he let a few things be said. He was a true hero, and always will be in my heart.

  27. Carole says:

    My great uncle didn’t talk about it until very recently. He is my hero, and I’m glad you didn’t make a joke about our veterans.

    God bless all those who serve, past and present.

  28. Sarah says:

    I know my dad fought in Vietnam because he told me that much, however, he also told me he will NEVER tell me his experiences over there. He said some stories you don’t tell others, especially not your children.

  29. Composer99 says:

    I read (in the Metro) on Monday that apparently Second World War veterans are dying off at a rate of 400-500 a week.

    I wonder how many of them are also taking all their wartime experiences with them.

  30. Luwano says:

    You have my respect for this decision Doug.
    We can’t thank these soldiers enough, who defeated Germany and thereby freed europe from the nazi regime.


  31. mike says:

    awesome. love it. hearty thanks to folks like your grandfather as well as my own.

  32. rifframone says:

    I didn’t expect this cartoon, but I really like it. Very nice.

  33. sharilyn says:

    beautifully done, doug.
    and a big thanks to your grandfather…and all those who have served/are serving in our armed forces… we are grateful.

    thank you, doug, for treating this day with such respect…even by your delightful chickens! 🙂 (still can’t wait for your book!)

  34. Karen says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!

  35. Gregg says:

    Really nice, thanks for posting this.

  36. Brett says:

    I applaud your respect, and reverance as well as the dedication to your grandfather.

  37. cfuhrer says:

    Ditto to what Bri said above, plenty of time for jokes on other days. Today is too important.

  38. Sara says:

    Excellent. Thank you.

  39. willwot says:

    Your grandfather, all those that fought, and those that continue to protect freedom and humanity have my deepest gratitude. The humbleness that they displayed, display today and tomorrow, tell me we are on the right path to Peace.

  40. Duck says:

    I didn’t expect this kind of cartoon today. My memories instantly flashed back to my grandfather. I’d like to thank your grandfather, and all other WW2 veterans for their sacrifices.

  41. paul thayer says:

    Thank you.

  42. Thomas says:

    For years now, I’ve looked forward every day to the new panel. No exception today.
    This one is simply wonderful in its relevance, depth of feeling, and respect for the Day and those it honours.

    Many thanks, from an avid SC fan in Kandahar.

  43. Jude says:

    My dad wasn’t in combat, having been stationed in London throughout the duration of the US time in the war (roughly mid-1942 through December 1945). To him, except for missing Colorado and being unable to sing for 3 years, and really hating wool clothing, the war was almost a fun adventure so he had lots of stories about it. Of course, that’s a different perspective from that of someone who was in combat. I like Grandpa Chicken–he looks a lot like my grandfathers.

  44. Joe says:

    What freedom we have thanks to the price people like your grandfather paid. And such humble people to have never spoken about it. And does bravery still exist, is it such a high value today? Thanks for this message Doug, you’re a hero too!

  45. Jürgen says:

    Thank you, Doug,
    and also to all the commenters for sharing.

    Live in Peace.

  46. Dave D from WV says:

    Good work, Doug. We enjoy your freedom of the press 5 times a week – because others paid for that freedom with blood and sacrifice for centuries. Thank you for showing such respect.

  47. Dan Todd says:

    Lest we forget.

  48. Dawn says:

    Cartoons can be very powerful (love the aging beak). Here is a ted talks link describing the power of the cartoon:

  49. Mary, Sandy Hook, CT says:

    My father fought in WWII and he never spoke of it either. I watched a series of programs on the History channel last night of footage never aired and it was very graphic but true. They actually had some of the vets who were in the films narrating at times. I cried alot watching it, realizing why my father never wanted to discuss it with us. God bless America! God bless the men and women who have and are paying a service to our country!

  50. djp says:

    Nice one. Very appropriate.

  51. fraoch says:

    Mine didn’t either, though I would have really liked to hear his stories. Now it’s too late :/

  52. PW says:

    This was beautiful, Doug. Thank you for your witness to this very important day.

  53. Angela says:

    I’ve made it through all of Veteran’s Day (including a dinner with vet uncles) without getting choked up once.

    Then I go home and get sucker-punched by a post-it and my eyes are misty and I’ve got a knot in my throat. Thank you for sharing your story.

  54. Kimberly & Connor says:

    We know SC well – your cartoons are so witty, hilarious and poignant. Our very own veteran, who is on his third deployment, currently in Khandahar, sent this comic to us today and I can’t believe how a comic could touch my heart so deeply.
    I am so proud to honour those who serve…

    Thousands gathered today in Canada’s capital for a Remembrance Day ceremony, which included the reading of this poem written by a 10 year old girl whose father died in Afghanistan this year.

    Many year have passed, since World War I and II
    The purpose was for freedom, for me and for you
    Many lives were lost, that we recognize today
    The soldiers deserve our respect, our honour and our praise.
    Today we face another war, which no one understands.
    Why can’t we get along, why can’t we just hold hands?
    So wear your Poppy proudly, show dignity and respect
    for the many lives we’ve lost.
    Pro Patria daddy.

    Freedom isn’t Free – thank you for the respect you have shown this important day.

  55. Doug says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments and emails I received about this cartoon! This was a very different cartoon for me and I wasn’t quite sure how it would be received; it’s been great to get so much positive feedback. And also thanks for sharing your stories!


  56. HK says:

    Thank you a lot. This really puts war into perspective. All participants in a war are always casualties. The trauma and physical injuries are nevertheless a burden for veterans for the rest of their lives.

    I reckon every country in the world has veterans who have fought in wars. So the feeling is mutual worlwide.

  57. Jessica says:

    Very nice and respectful!

  58. Randall says:

    Very classy. Having one of these now and again would be a nice touch.

  59. Callie says:

    <3 thanks for sharing

  60. Tazz says:

    Thank you this lovely cartoon. It made me tear up reading it.

    My boyfriend is in the army and has gone through 3 deployments in his 10 year service. He rarely talks about them, only sometimes when things get a bit too much and it would come out more as a slip of the tongue rather than a voluntary comment. I think he doesn’t talk about them because they are painful memories, but also because he doesn’t want me to worry about what he has to go through.

    I don’t and probably will never truly understand the brutality of war, since I’ve never experienced one personally, but I’ve seen documentaries and heard stories to know the experiences are horrific and can leave scars to a person (emotional, mental, physical).

    But I do know that even when I don’t understand, I can support him by loving him and accepting that if he feels like talking about it and he is ready, he will tell me. And I will listen without any judgments.

    Thank you for such a respectful piece of work.

  61. Uncle Gweilo says:

    Forgot to add my thanks for this last week, Doug. A simple piece that said so much. I hope you don’t mind my using the cartoon in a forum item I posted:


  62. […] Today’s cartoon is my second tribute to Remembrance Day / Veterans Day. Here is last year’s. […]

  63. Sol says:


    Thanks for this comic. I hope to see more like this on your site. I know we all come here to get a laugh and improve our day but it is always nice to get an unexpected dose of appreciation for the quiet sacrifice people all over the world have made. Again, thank you.

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