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Dedicated to Happy Bear fan, Ashley-Rose!

Here’s more Happy Bear.

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10 Responses to Sharing

  1. Ivan says:

    Sounds like something Ralph Wiggum (from the Simpsons) would say 🙂

  2. steve says:

    sharing is caring…

    : )

  3. Sam says:

    its been so long u haven’t drawn a Freud or Jason cartoon :(.. I am their big fan and im looking forward to see them more often

  4. Chris says:

    How do you know my co-worker??? 😉

  5. kristina says:


    My co-worker is wondering why tears are coming down my face…

    @steve: another *Snort!!* and more tears for your comment!

  6. Mike says:

    sounds like many Facebook statuses – waaaaay too much information lol

  7. willwot says:

    A Hair Flair Care Bear

  8. Aud says:

    I love this one! The bears’ smiles are like the comedy/drama masks.

    @steve: HA! I have a friend who sometimes cares a little too much…

  9. […] another awkward bear. Tagged with: Bear • Comfort • Greetings • Silence • Socializing • […]

  10. Marco_Mo says:

    hahaha… loved it… that chicken looks so unconfortable XD

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