Tree Astronaut

Whoa. Another big cartoon drawn on two 3″ x 5″ sticky notes and stuck together to make a 3″ x 10″ cartoon.

Here are more astronauts and trees.

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24 Responses to Tree Astronaut

  1. steve says:

    RIP astronaut tree

  2. mike T says:

    We will remember you as a hero tree astronaut, may your leaves be green 4ever!

  3. john says:

    Was “astreenaut” too much?

  4. cloud says:

    one small step for tree, one giant leap backwards for treekind?

  5. Rosemarie says:

    my dead plants would like to audition for the role of tree astronaut, having the ability to recall that exact situation.

  6. pehter says:

    A small stump for a tree but a giant leap for the vegetablekind.

    never thought of trees astronauts.. that’s awesome..
    how about now some living-dead trees???

  7. Janouk says:

    Awww 🙁
    So sad I can not stop laughing 😀

  8. Andrew says:

    x eyes, tongue out – classic dead!

  9. plushpuppy says:

    O tannenbaum

  10. DarkHawke says:

    Love the eyes in the third panel. He really looks worried! And suddenly I feel bad we’re all laughing at his death. Ah, Tree, we hardly knew ye! *sniff*


  11. kristina says:

    Loved the cartoon (as usual!), but must point out: Since trees “breathe” CO2 and “exhale” oxygen, the tree astronaut really doesn’t require the helmet. But, he could have been providing the oxygen for the chickenauts to breathe.

    (Yes you scientists out there, I know, technically speaking, plants/trees convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates during photosynthesis, releasing oxygen in the process, so it’s not breathing…)

  12. Dryguy says:

    Stay tuned for the new Adventures of Lumber Astronaut

  13. Ant says:

    Is this tree character new? I guess he’s dead now. 🙂

  14. samuel says:

    When tree astronauts and gold-fish astronauts die, do they go to the same place?

  15. Matt says:

    why must the wood die young!

  16. UnhØLy says:

    If only there were water in moon, maybe we could avoid tree’s death D’:

  17. willlwot says:

    if a tree farted on the moon and no one were on the moon but chickens, would you still smell it? Or if a tree on the moon were catholic could it still become pope?

  18. willlwot says:

    yes i know philosophical cunundrums should not be speculated or bandied about on the moon, but what the heck are those chickens going to talk about now that the tree is gone?

  19. zootsuit says:

    Comment to #12. There isnt CO2 in space either….just sayin.

    But loved the cartoon! I spent 2 days at work looking at every single posted post-it.

  20. Adam Koch says:

    Ha! Reminds me of my Christmas tree this year!

  21. Aud says:

    This reminds me of Happy Land tree on Christmas with the water stand. Love the chicken’s look in the last panel.

  22. Syntax Collector says:

    That’s the first time in ages I’ve seen someone spell “all right” correctly.

  23. […] return of Tree Astronaut. Drawn on two 3″ x 5″ sticky notes and stuck together to make a 3″ x 10″ […]

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